Lose Weight With Pullups, Pushups, And Burpees

pullup-burpeeCircuit Training, All In One Exercise, Works All Major Muscle Groups, Helps You Lose Weight

What if I told you that there was one exercise you could do that would work all of your major muscle groups at once? No weights, no exercise machines are needed, just your own body weight.

A lot has been said of combining exercises with no rest in between. Combining Push Ups, Squats, Pull Ups into… The Burpee-Pullup

This just has to be the single best combo body weight resistance exercise I have seen in a long time. Start with what you can do comfortably. No need to push yourself.

Incrementally increase your repetitions as you get stronger, and you will definitely start to lose weight. Take a short break and return for another set when you are rested. (Obviously talk to your doctor before starting any kind of exercise program.)

And I can’t do many yet, but I will work my way up. At least that is the goal. 🙂

I’m thinking that all the major muscle groups are involved here. Talk about time management and efficiency! And no investment in weight machines or fitness gyms.


To learn more about pullup exercises and how they can help you lose weight and get into great shape, check out Physical and Mental Benefits of Mastering Pull-ups

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