Life Purpose, Is It Important To Have One?

Do You Really Need a Life Purpose?

People have always struggled with finding out what their true purpose in life is.

It seems to have come easy for some, while others find it very difficult.

You even read stories of people not finding theirs until they are older. So, life purpose doesn’t have to be age related.

I’m sure you’ve read that everyone has a life’s purpose. Maybe it’s bothering you if you haven’t found yours yet. It should be noted that a life purpose is something very personal. It can also be something very simple.

Sometimes you need to step back and stop looking so hard. Have you ever lost something and as soon as you stop looking for it, you find it? What if your purpose in life works the same way?

And . . . Here’s some questions you can ask yourself while deciding if you want to step back from this life purpose thing or keep searching for it.

Do you really have to have or know your purpose in life?
It’s not usually a life or death matter. It’s generally sought for fulfillment. I understand that not feeling like you’ve lived a fulfilled life can be very depressing, but at this moment in time, do you really need to know your purpose?

As stated above, many people don’t find theirs until later in life.
Can you trust that it will come to you when it’s time? Maybe you aren’t ready for your purpose and it won’t reveal itself to you until you are ready.

Can a life purpose change over time?
This is an important question, especially for moms to ask themselves. Many women feel that their purpose is to take care of the home and family. Not only is this a natural instinct for women, but it’s also a very noble purpose.

However, once the kids are grown and move out, it can leave a woman feeling like she has no purpose. Perhaps it’s time for the purpose to change. There are many things you can do. Try volunteering and helping others.

You’re already a pro at tending to other people, preparing meals, etc. There are plenty of organizations where you can volunteer your talents. Maybe raising a family was preparing you for this new purpose.

Can you be happy and productive without knowing your purpose?
Is it possible to live a content life without feeling or knowing about some higher purpose? Perhaps not everyone is called for a higher purpose. Do you need to have a purpose in life?

If you feel this way, you should start doing things that make you feel good. You may not consider it your true purpose in life, but doing something to fill the gap will leave you feeling much better about yourself. It may even open the doorway to a bigger purpose.

It’s also possible that your purpose may be something you consider small. Not everyone will have a grand purpose. Smaller things in life will always need to be tended to. If you can fill in those smaller things, then you have a very good purpose in life.

What if your purpose in life is something as simple as smiling at strangers? We don’t think of that as a very high or grand purpose, but the fact is, it is very important. You may never know how many lives you’ve touched by simply smiling at people. You will also never know who may have been contemplating suicide and your smile changed their mind.

It may not be important to know your purpose. However, when you stop and really think about the lives you could have already affected, it should leave you with a sense of fulfillment or it should cause you to want to do more, even in something as simple as smiling at others.

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