Lack Of Clearly Defined Goals Causes Failure

ThinkingBigger-Book_MedHow To Clearly Define Goals

One of the major reasons people fall off the “goal wagon” is that they don’t stick to the goal long enough to see it all the way to success. They lack of clearly defined goals.

They quit on themselves before they realize their goal.

And . . . This is probably because many people make the mistake of not having clearly defined their goals in advance.

They just charge headlong into the goal with full energy and enthusiasm, only to see both elements wane as time goes on, and the desired quick results are not forth coming.

A lot will quit right there…

The absolute first step is to have a dream and it doesn’t hurt if the dream is “big and scary” either. Just do something every day that will bring it closer to reality for you.
Keeping it realistic in terms of individual achievement capabilities is also wise. Cultivate the mindset that dreams become goals; and goals become realities. Achieving several smaller aligned goals will get you where you want to go. It is simpler than you think to go from Impossible to Possible to Probable when it comes to goals over time.

Ideally, to clearly define a goal, you must be able to understand all of the various components involved in working towards your goal. Very specific outlines need to be drawn up and deadlined.

customer-generationWhen setting goals, a measurable scale or chart should be drawn up to keep the progress on track with the completion deadline of the commitment made.

Monitor your progress regularly as you move along your time line.

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Pick a goal that has the personal advantage of working within the area of your expertise to keep your interest alive in the goal chosen. Not someone else’s idea of what you could or should be.

People often lose interest and energy on things they don’t understand, thus frustration sets in when the goal is not truly theirs.

I heard this little quote below from Tony Robbins a long time ago about goal setting clarity:

ThinkingBigger-Book_MedSee things as they are now.
Then, see things as you want them to be.
Then, make them the way you now see them.

You can do it. Don’t let the lack of clearly defined goals be the real reason you don’t have what you really want. Get to work! #notetoself  🙂

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