Key To Losing Weight

weightloss_fruit_salad-300x200Finding Your Motivation Is Your Key To  Lose Weight.

To lose weight and get started on an exercise and healthy eating plan will often take a lot of motivation initially.

You have to overcome the inertia. You have to overcome some strong habits that you have building momentum up for some years. That will take effort and focus.

Some people motivate themselves quite easily, they just get fed up and tackle it. Others like myself, . . . not so much. LOL! Let’s discuss some of the things you can use as motivators to get you started and keep you going.

OK. A couple of conditions we’ll need to keep in mind…

First, understand that your weight loss will take time. You didn’t gain weight overnight and you will not lose it overnight. You have to

You have to realize that maintaining long term motivation is key to losing weight.

Second, determine that you will make those lifestyle changes. Commit to change. You don’t have to change everything at once, but you do need to plan on gradually eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good habits as you progress.

So, start small, but do get started. If you go back to your old habits, the weight will probably come back.

food-logHow To Find Your Particular Motivation

To change your lifestyle, lose weight and get in shape you’ll need a powerful reason. Some reason that will drive you to keep it up, to keep going when you feel like stopping.

It could be for health reasons, to have better health overall, or it could be just to avoid having health problems. It may be to just fit into nicer clothes so you feel good about yourself, if that is what will move you.

Is there a special occasion coming up that you want to attend? That can be a great motivator. If you keep it up after the occasion you’ll be well on your way to a lifetime of health and fitness too.

Do you want to run a marathon? That’s not on everyone’s list but it can be a great motivator. It may be for a good cause or just because you want to prove you can do it.

Perhaps you want to play with your kids more and start teaching them to have a healthy attitude and lifestyle before they end up overweight. Or maybe the whole family needs to get in shape and you need to lead the way.

positive-thinkingFind out what drives you to do it. Emotional reasons are strong motivators. It could be an ex significant other, or it could be a close friend who’s never believed you’d get in shape, or doesn’t support your efforts to get in shape.

Turn it around, let it fuel your motivation to start a healthier life and lose weight. It won’t be the first time someone got their motivation by wanting to prove someone wrong…

No one ever does anything remarkable without finding and maintaining the motivation to do it. You want to cultivate a good support network…

Decide what your main reason is, search for ways to keep yourself motivated and remind yourself of them several times each day. You want to keep those weight loss reasons right there in front of you always.

You will achieve your weight loss goals if you maintain  high motivation levels. Check out our Pinterest Boards under Weight Loss Inspiration and browse around…


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