It’s Your Life, and . . . It’s Always Your Choice!

Commitment Means No Turning Back…

Everything we want to be, do or have in life all boils down to our choices. It’s our decision, and we are responsible for making the correct choices in our life. Scary, right? Join the crowd.

If you really want to do something or be someone — how do you do it, how do you start? How do you make sure that your choice is the right choice for you?

You make that decision and there’s no turning back.

You make the decision, and commit to it’s completion. All greatness started with a decision and a commitment to make the decision right. How do you make sure that you do not have to switch paths later on and have to start over from square one?

There is no hard and fast rule on that, it’s a personal thing. Besides, following your own path sometimes creates challenges and switchbacks. That is all a part of life’s journey.

Condition your thoughts for what you want to happen.

You got to get your mind into it. Some people say the best way to get what you want is to visualize yourself doing and having what you want already. Expect success.

Not just a fuzzy daydream, but a full pledged, honest-to-goodness, day-by-day kind of visualizing. It sometimes takes practice.

If you want to be a successful manager of a large corporation. Envision yourself dressing up in power suits, going to your corner office with a view, getting pats on the back for excellent work, speaking at conferences, etc. Feel exactly how that would be for you.

Find a role model to imitate, somebody already successful.

By doing this, you will have someone to look up to, to consult with, and to model. It also helps you focus on your goal and how great it is to be alive.

Remember, your mind is your most powerful ally. If you aim on getting that corner office or academy award or gold medal, and you think about it all the time, your mind will show you how to get it.

Whether the solution is for you to study more or practice better, your mind will direct you to the perfect strategy for you to take.

Many people use affirmations, mantras, physical reminders, diaries and whatever works that can remind them about their goal. Getting another person or a support group to remind you will also be great!

The important thing is to keep focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Your mind can only hold one thought at a time, make it the thought that empowers you.

If you keep on telling yourself ‘no, I couldn’t do it’ then you really won’t be able to. There will be tons of excuses that you can imagine and fall back on. While you are thinking negative, the positive solutions will elude you.

How easy and convenient it is to just come up with excuses instead of aiming for something better. Excuses are easy, and that’s the trap. Living with yourself after using the excuses, that’s hard.

So, use the power of your brain – negative or positive thoughts will influence who and what you are. Negative thoughts can jump in there, but you have the power over how long they influence you. Switch over to positive when you feel yourself drifting off target.

Look around and observe people – some walk around with an upbeat attitude and some people look like prophets of doom. Which ones are the more successful?

Generally speaking, don’t you notice that the upbeat people are the ones who are successful and happy? The positive thinkers are usually more active, joyful, and passionate. I’ve read that they even live longer.

So, what do you want to do? Do you want to act on stage, write horror books, or climb Everest? Do you want to make a difference?

Whatever you want, it is your choice to do it or not to do it.

You just have to like the quote from the Star Wars’ character called Yoda,
— “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

There are no excuses for quitting on yourself. Make the decision that you will be the best darn ………… that you can be. You fill in the blank. 🙂

Think hard and long. Then take your next step and really go for it!

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