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Three Effective Strategies To Build Your Email List

Read these three tips below to discover how to build a list full of quality subscribers as quickly as possible. They say — “the money is in the list!”, so try to get started with the following techniques straight away.

Giveaway Events

Joining a giveaway event can be one of the fastest ways to bring in a few hundred subscribers to your list. These are mainly popular in the internet marketing niche.

The idea is you contribute a product to the giveaway, and visitors and members get to download this product for free, just for signing up to your list.

If you do not have a product, you could just purchase rights to some private rights material (PLR) to give away. Just make sure your squeeze page is compelling enough to make the visitor want to opt in.

You need to find events that are still asking for contributors or JV participants, and join up. Usually you can just use the search engines to find them or other contributors will share the information.

Now the thing is, although giveaway events are free, usually it is not that beneficial to simply register a free account and leave it at that.

Most Giveaway events rely on a credit system for contributors. You gain credits either by purchasing them, or whenever another contributor or member signs up under your affiliate link, you gain credits.

There are sometimes hundreds of partners offering free gifts, so the page numbers can get very large. As you can imagine, the further away your gift is from the first page, the less likely that visitors will click through to it.

To ensure your gift is not at the very end, you’ll need to assign credits to your account. The more credits you assign to your gift, the further it is pushed towards the front page.

Gain credits by promoting your affiliate link via safelists, your own mailing list, traffic exchanges, social media etc. or just bite the bullet and pay for the upgrade. This can be worthwhile in the end, especially for the hundreds of signups you’ll accrue.

Solo Ezine Ads

Using solo ads can bring you hundreds of subscribers within 24 hours of you submitting the ad. They are an absolute gold mine for list building, at a very low price.

To be most successful at solo ad marketing, be 100% sure that your offer matches up with the target email list that you are advertising in.

For example, if someone owns a list in the gardening niche, your solo ad will absolutely bomb if you try getting people to opt in for your internet marketing offer — even if they have a list of 100,000.

Make sure the solo ad you’re buying is going out to the right people.

You have to be careful here, as some of the commercial solo ad providers don’t always advertise what niche their signups where from. They’ll happily tell you that they have how ever many thousands on the list, but not what niche they’re from.

The best opportunities are those where individuals are offering solo ads to their own personal list. At least you know exactly what you’re getting. These people will often guarantee the amount of clicks they’re going to send to your squeeze page.

For the best results with solo ezine ads, you need to put a fair amount of effort into your ad. This will be sent as an email, so remember to work on your subject line.

This can be most important, as you want as many people as possible to open the email.

A good thing to remember when writing your ad is to write it from the list owners perspective. Write it as a 3rd party recommendation rather than being pushy – this makes the clickthroughs a lot higher.

Article Marketing

This may be the most difficult of the three methods mentioned in this article, but the signups can often be the highest converting.

This is because the reader is already ‘hot’ for what you are offering.

They were interested enough to click through and read your article, and they’ll usually be even more interested to find out any other useful information you have to offer (by clicking through to your site, and signing up to your list).

Put some nice facts out there in articles, and put a killer resource box to compel people to click through to your site.

Set a goal for 100 article submissions to and others, for best results over time. Start optimizing articles for keywords and getting them ranked in the search engines for maximum traffic.

Article marketing doesn’t just stop at submitting to article directories. Some of the best traffic can be obtained by ‘guest posting’ to blogs in your niche. Blog owners are more than happy to allow this, as the more unique content they get, the more their readership increases.

In summary, use the three techniques above to get a turbo boost in your list building efforts. Or if you don’t have a list yet, technique 1 and 2 will enable you to build one quickly.

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