The Importance Of Completing Weekly Goals Progress Evaluations For Your Business

How You Can Achieve Bigger Goals With Self-Evaluation Of Your Goals Progress: Do More than Just “Fine!”.

Every weekend I browse my previous week’s planner and make my schedule of activities for the coming week according to my goals.

As I sit down today, I can’t help but wonder how many other people around the world are doing the same thing.

The importance of proper planning cannot be over stated. Planning and Preparation in advance really sets you up for tremendous productivity.

So, I repeat the question, Do You Evaluate your goals progress weekly or at least regularly?

Weekly Planning And EvaluationHave you ever wondered how to keep track of your weekly improvement and maintain your direction towards your most important goals?

Here are some useful suggestions and questions that you may want to answer for yourself to keep all your steps synchronized with your most important goals.

· Did I attain all the goals I set last week?
· If any, what goals did I fall behind on?
· What problems and obstacles came up during the week?
· How did I overcome these problems? (Or, did I?)
· Were the time and effort well spent or could I have managed myself better?
· Were there other opportunities that arose that I can move forward on this week?
· Can I say that the time and effort I devoted were focused on the most important matters.
· Did I follow through with all my proactive plans that I committed to last week?
· Are there other goals I did not achieve from previous weeks that I want to pursue this coming week?
· What did I learn, or what can I learn from my experiences last week?
· Are my goals still realistic? Or, do I have to set them higher this week?

Giving honest answers to these questions weekly will help you evaluate your performance on a regular basis and manage your milestones towards your ultimate goal.

It may be difficult to create this habit at first; but believe me, this will really pay off in the end.

And you’ll become more satisfied and fulfilled with what you have achieved rather than just saying: “Well, I’m doing just fine.” You will know exactly how you are doing.

Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. So, keep a weekly vigil and evaluate weekly actions so you can stay flexible, adjust your plans, and achieve your goal.

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