If At First You Don’t Succeed . . . Persist!

success-persistence-determinationThere is a popular saying. You have probably heard it many times over and over, it is . . . “If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again.”

There is a good reason that most mothers try to teach this to their children from a young age.

Because it is so true . . . it is so effective . . . and it is so commonly used as a success principle to enable people to get what they want.

Who on earth succeeded at a difficult task on the first attempt?! Who says that everything is going to work right the very first time? Haven’t you ever heard of trial and error?

Many hugely successful people had to face a lot of failures before they reached what others call “the overnight success”

So what is the secret behind their “overnight success”? How do successful people react when they fail?

Before I reveal this secret, let me ask you a question: 

Why do you think you will fail to reach your goals?

You may give me hundreds of excuses. But if you look deeply inside yourself, you will only find ONE reason behind any failure.

Simply, you failed to reach your goal because you decided not to try again!!! You quit. Yes, it all comes down to this ONE reason. Every single time.

All successful people faced a lot of challenges and blocks and they failed many times until they achieved their aims.

But what separates successful people from failures is that successful people try again if at first they don’t succeed. They don’t quit. They persist until they get what they want.

Many people that have achieved great things also experienced many painful moments when things didn’t go as they planned. They learned lessons from those moments and then moved on to a successful conclusion. They kept their eyes on the prize, and what it would take to get it, not on the process.

You ONLY fail when you quit. As long as, you are still in the game, you have another chance to succeed.

To sum up, the main secret to goal achievement is the TRY AGAIN concept. Persistence.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” – W.C Fields

It is that simple and that powerful.

If you have a burning desire to achieve your goals and dreams, then don’t ever give up on yourself.

Let your desire and passion fire your soul and give you the power to stay in the game until you win. It’s gametime. Life is too short to settle for any less than you can be.

Develop and strengthen your persistence by implementing the success principles from this FREE digital version of Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Try… try… and then try again as many times as required, and one day you will become the overnight success everyone talks about!   🙂

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