Identify Your Most Important Goals

problem-solvedDo you find yourself rushing through life, never quite getting the satisfaction from work and personal relationships that you crave? Do your goals seem meaningless when you achieve them?

Many people eventually experience these feelings of dissatisfaction sometime in their life. What can you do to find the satisfaction and happiness in your life that you really are expecting?

Take the time out from your busy life to sit back and examine what’s missing. Identify your goals and what you need for success in your life. Are you conflicted about your goals? Are they really your goals?

Although it can sometimes be difficult, going through this process is an key step in creating the most vibrant and authentic life you can live.

So what do you need to get started to identify and realize your most important goals?

First of all, you need a good healthy dose of motivation. The reasons why you are doing what you are doing.

What it is you absolutely desire for your life? Do you wish you could live a healthier life? Do you seek a more fulfilling professional career? Do you want to develop more passionate relationships? Why do you want these things?

Consider your instincts. What is it you have always been naturally attracted to in life? Where does your instinct take you?

Your beliefs are critical in getting what you want. You MUST believe you can do it. What do you believe you are capable of doing? A good healthy self image and self esteem is necessary to cultivate belief. What do you believe is important in your life? Do you believe you deserve to have it?

Motivation also has a lot to do with your core values. What do you see as valuable in your life? Is your family your number one concern? Do you place a lot of value on living a healthy life? Do you value a career that gives you autonomy, financial stability, or the ability to travel?

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Whatever type of goals you decide to pursue, they must be related to the things you value or they will be empty and meaningless when you get there. Don’t let this happen to you.

In order to brainstorm for ideas, sit down with a pad and pen and go over all of these things. At the top of the paper, label it ‘Motivation.’ Make different categories labeled desire, instinct, beliefs, and values.

In the desire category, write down the things you’d like to accomplish. Be as specific as possible. If your goal is to lose weight, write down something like “Lose 25 pounds by June 1st.” Writing down “Lose weight” is too broad.

In the column labeled instinct, write down what your instinct is when it comes to your desires. Do you tend to back away from your desires out of fear? Are you conflicted or congruent? Is your instinct to view your desires in a negative or positive light? Positive expectations will bring the results you want.

Next, in the column labeled beliefs, write about what you believe about your desires. Do you see them as good honest desires? Do you think they are achievable? Do you believe that you deserve them? Be as honest with yourself as possible.

Finally, in the column labeled values, write down what you assign value to in your life. What are the most important things for you, both on a personal and professional level?

Once you have gone over the desires, instincts, beliefs, and values related to your motivation, you would be better able to gauge how realistic your goals really are. Putting these things down on paper makes your goals more real.

And you will be able to see how motivated you are about setting and achieving goals. Does it look like your values or instincts conflict with your desires?

Now you will begin to get a clear idea of the difficulties you face in realizing your goals. Knowing what can prevent you from achieving your goals is critical so you can plan workaround solutions. You need to be congruent and without internal conflicts if you want to achieve your goals.

Finally, now that you have worked on identifying honestly your core desires, instincts, beliefs, and values, you are ready to set goals for yourself that can be realistically achieved and valued. This will help you create a life of significance.

Create goals for yourself that mesh well with what you have identified as most important to you and you will happily achieve instead of achieve to be happy.

Decide how you personally measure success. Is success for you just simply working on your goal, or will you not be satisfied until you have achieved a certain outcome?

This makes a major difference in your life journey.

Which of your motivating factors can you work with and increase your urgency to achieve your goal? If you find your instincts appear to conflict with your desires, work on changing these attitudes or behaviors so that you can open up your path to success and happiness as it relates to you.

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