How Who You Spend Time With Matters

Your Mama Was Right… Choose your friends and associates wisely.

Are You Associating With People Who Can Help You Get What You Want?

This principle is critical to your success or failure to live the life you really want.

It may be time to pull out the old log book and detail how much time you spend with others, and whether their interests align with yours.

compass-for-successSuccess Masters say they can tell you where you will be in 5 years by the books you read and the people you associate with.

Here is an easy exercise to tell whether you will end up where you want to be, or at least what you have to do more work on.

Evaluate your time in the area of whom you spend it with and who has the most or strongest influence over you at this time. Be brutally honest with yourself. There is no good, bad, wrong, or right here, just what is.

Take it over the last week, or month, or year.

Write down all of the people you spent time with at work, or personally, friendships, significant other, mentors, associations, or mastermind group, and list them in any order. If you can, approximate how much time you spend each week with them.

Then, arrange them from top to bottom, with the top being the most time spent, and the bottom being the least time spent. Draw a line through the halfway point.

The top half of your list probably accounts for 3/4 or more of your time, and this should be spent with relationships that serve each other’s needs and goals, not with those who have conflicting aspirations to yours.

Are the people at the top half of the list those who support you, or have similar goals? If this is not the case, then you have some work to do in this area.

Work to build relationships with those who can support you in your life’s journey. (And the other way around) Get that top half filled with people in alignment with your goals and just watch the magic happen!

I am not recommending that you drop your present friends if they are not pursuing a same or similar path to your own. But . . . if they are real friends of yours, they will be happy that you are spending more time fulfilling your passion and will enjoy hearing about your successes, when you do get to spend some time with them.

In life, you must associate more with those who are moving in the same direction as you want to go, and whose goals align with yours. Even better if they are slightly ahead of where you want to be. 

If you choose not to heed this very important principle, your journey will be more difficult. Believe me, I know this from cold hard experience. As always, the choice is yours…