How To Use Solo Ads

Solo Ezine Ads Information…

A solo ad is when you buy advertisement in another company’s email list of people who have already expressed an interest in your product or service niche, and the subscribers of that list are sent an email that consists of no other information then your advertisement.

Its called a “solo ad” because your ad is the only information that is emailed. It’s sole purpose is to get them to click your link. Nothing else.

Any online business that wants to stay in business needs to build their list of potential customers, or prospects as they call them. However, building a list can be time consuming if you try this completely on your own.

But, when you use solo ads sent to other people’s email lists, this can help you build a list exponentially faster because of the trust factor already built up with the original list owner.

Once they provide their email for more information you can follow-up with them and send them relevant email information. At that point they become a prospect on your list.

I repeat, one great thing about solo ads is that the reader is receiving your email from someone who they already have a relationship with. For example, a reader may agree to receive information via email from someone providing work at home opportunities.

Your work at home opportunity, or other relevant topic is then emailed which gives you more credibility in the list subscribers eyes. You are in fact borrowing trust and credibility from the list owner.

Solo ads need to be simple in nature. Mostly image with just as much compelling text as needed. Again, you’re not trying to sell yourself in the solo ad. That is what your landing or sales page helps you do. You are just trying to get them to click your link to visit your desired page.

As said earlier, when using solo ads your ad is being sent via someone else’s prospect list. You might search for online marketers who have large databases to market to. There is a perfect ebook out, explaining how to choose the perfect ezine for your solo ad.

When searching for database owners via solo ad websites, read the reviews and ask pertinent questions of the list holder to make sure you are receiving lists with quality subscribers.

Not all list owners are equal and you want to deal with someone who is reputable. Shop around because there are many list sellers and they all charge different prices for sending out to the same number of names.

You do get what you pay for though, so do your research, the cheapest is not always the best.

It is always good to remember that multiple impressions are usually necessary for someone to buy from you. It is true that some people will buy on the first touch. But in fact, in personal sales, in print advertising, as with solo ads, the average number of impressions is seven… you will want to allow enough time and enough tries, to judge results over time.

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