How To Use Small PLR Reports In Your Online Business

Various Ways to Use Your Small Reports

As you know, one of the biggest problems people face as an online business owner is getting their audience to respond…or better put…to BUY from them.

We have already talked about using PLR articles to create small reports that add value for your customers. Have you been thinking of some report ideas yet?

I hope so because today I want to touch on how you can use those reports to get them into as many hands as possible.

Here are a few things you can do with your reports to create a buzz, get your name and expertise out there and in return grow your customer base.

1. Sell Them With Resale Rights
2. Give Them Away
3. Make Them Brandable

Once you have your report compiled, you’ll want to get it out and moving and quickly! So let’s start by explaining how the three things above will help you do that.

1. Resale Rights… First, when you create a report and put it up for sale (check your PLR membership rules because not all of them allow you to sell the content for a profit), give those who purchase it the ability to turn around and sell it themselves.

By doing so you are creating a good rapport with not only those who buy it from you, but those who buy it from your customers as well. You are motivating your customers to make your content viral by offering them the ability to sell it and keep all the profits.

2. Free Reports… Next, you can create a small 7-10 page report and give it away for free. Whenever someone signs up for your list, send them to a page that allows them to download the report just for signing up.

Or offer it as a prize in a giveaway or contest. Find someone who is holding a contest and looking for prizes in your market and offer to give every participant a copy of your report.

3. Brandable… Third, make the report customizable. In other words, wherever you have an affiliate link inside the report (whether it’s your own program or someone else’s) allow those who download the report from you to replace some or all of those links with their own affiliate links.

This is a great way to not only motivate people to pick up your report, but pass it on as well.

So, let’s make your goal today to put together a small report with PLR articles and then determine which of the three options above will work best for your business. Make a plan to get your report into as many hands as possible so that your business gets maximum exposure for lead generation.

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