How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Products

What Kinds of Affiliate Products Can You Make Money With?

Making money online with affiliate products is quite simple to start. In fact, one of the hardest parts of the process is choosing what exactly you’re going to promote. As in any business you need goals and plans. What are you in business to do. What types of products do you want to promote. Decide.

Once you know what you’ll promote however, then it’s just a matter of putting your nose to the grindstone and doing the work required to make the amount of money you want to from it. Again your goals will give you direction in this.

The most common type of affiliate products opportunity online involves earning a commission when the products are sold. Growing in popularity however, are those products which are given away for free or for the cost of shipping, and you earn money as an affiliate because you generated a lead for the company offering the free products and services.

Tangible products that people buy online and have shipped to their home are the most readily available affiliate products to promote online. Every day, millions of people buy everyday items such as electronics, books, jewelry, clothing, shoes, collectibles, gifts, household items, and even food or pet supplies too.

Promoting tangible affiliate products is an excellent way to make quite a bit of money online, because there are litterally millions of products you can sell day in and day out. All one has to do is get his promotions in front of the right target audience.

Since information on the Internet is digital though, another very popular group of products sells quite well online. These are digital information products – products that are downloaded instead of physically shipped to the buyers home.

Commonly sold digital products are software, electronic books, and graphics for websites, even websites themselves can be flipped for a profit. It is a virtually unlimited opportunity online.

Like tangible goods, there are tens of thousands of digital products online which can be promoted as an affiliate marketer, and each time you secure a sale for the merchant you’ll be paid a percentage of that sale in commission.

Many affiliate marketers like to promote digital products because the sales commissions tend to be higher, and customers get instant gratification since they’re able to download their products immediately.

Specialty services are another area that is excellent for affiliates to promote and make money from, because these types of products often involve getting continuous income. Usually referred to as residual, or reoccuring income because the customer is paying for an ongoing service of some kind.

Ongoing services can be something simple that every online business needs such as website hosting, or it can be a professional training program, or some type of hobby or industry related membership site. Membership sites are big these days.

With most of these types of products and services, an affiliate who makes a sale will continuing earning money as long as that sale stays active in the subscription service.

So if you sell a website hosting package for example, and the customer pays their bill each and every month for the next year, the affiliate will earn commissions each month over that year.

As you can see these types of affiliate product sales can be quite lucrative over the long term.

This last type of affiliate product doesn’t usually involve trying to sell anything. Instead, you as the affiliate are trying to provide new “leads” to a business for specific purposes. A lead is someone who is interested in a specific type of product or service, but they haven’t purchased anything yet.

Generating leads for a business usually involves getting prospects to fill out a form for information, or to request a free trial product. They are called CPA’s or Cost Per Action. The companies are willing to pay out for people willing to fill out certain web forms and applications.

Someone who is interested in weight loss products for example, may readily fill out a basic request form to get a free trial of a new weight loss product.

People with cell phones who like music are likely to fill in their cell phone number to get free ringtones.

Someone who has a high interest rate on their home mortgage may fill out an information request form because they’d like to see how much lower their bills could be.

The list of examples is quite long but I think you get the point. As an affiliate for lead based campaigns, all you have to do is get the prospects to take a specific action. And you’ll get paid each time someone takes that action.

Many affiliates really like this approach because they’re not trying to get people to spend money on something, yet they can still earn a very nice income.

Some lead based campaigns will pay the affiliate $1-$2 for simple email address or cell phone number forms, while others pay as much as $40 or higher for more comprehensive and detailed information requests.

The list of opportunities is quite endless and no small wonder that people are moving to affiliate marketing in droves. That’s all for today but next we will tackle some companies that offer affiliate products and how you can take advantage of that. Everone can use a little extra jingle in their pocket right? (actually quite a lot of jingle for those who follow the rules)

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