How To Make Affirmations Work

The-mind-can-hold-onlyWhat you need to know about affirmations to achieve the best results…

What did you do the last time you thought you had a bad habit? Nothing much, right?

Perhaps just told yourself that you can’t continue like this. But telling yourself once can’t really fetch desired results.

In fact that bad habit is probably still with you right?

Repetitively uttering resolutions with emotion tied into them can do the trick.

So how do you go about it? Affirmations are just forms of auto-suggestion. You are taking control and programming your own mind instead of others doing it to you.

Write down your affirmation and go over it as many times as possible every day. Keep focusing on it with intense emotion. I mean constantly…

positive-self-talk-1024x724Repeating affirmations day in and day out will ultimately cause you to believe in them.

Many times we have told ourself something so repeatedly that we begin to believe it is the truth, even if it is not.

Because affirmations are so effective, you can buy them in the form of CD’s and cassettes. That’s great if you want ready made affirmations for yourself.

But it can be more effective to create your own affirmations (since no one else understands your emotional needs better than you do).

So what exactly should you remember while making your own affirmations work for you?

1. The first thing to remember is the final purpose of your affirmation. Any affirmation no matter what purpose it has, should help you to behave positively.

The tone of your affirmation should not be negative. Avoid using ‘do not’ in your affirmation even if it sounds perfectly correct.

positiveselftalk-eachInstead, give your affirmation a personal and positive tone.

Consider this example – you have a habit of smoking and you create an affirmation that reads – ‘I don’t smoke cigarettes.’

Though the affirmation sounds grammatically right, your mind may take it otherwise.

For some odd reason your mind might get stuck to the words ‘smoke cigarettes’ in isolation and you’ll fail to achieve the results you want. So this affirmation could read something like this – ‘I am a non smoker. I take care of my body.’

2. Next is how you get your mind to accept the affirmation you have created.

Perhaps your affirmation is ‘I am happy, healthy and loving every minute’.

sunrise1_croppedThe biggest secret to maximizing the positive result of your affirmation is repetition and attaching strong emotion to it.

Repeating your affirmation singularly will not be as beneficial as when you combine that with belief and intense emotion.

3. Last, don’t pressure yourself with too many changes all at once. Going ahead with an affirmation might seem easy but incorporating the new habit into your life can be difficult.

Many-people-fail-in-life_croppedRemember the old saying ‘Baby steps’, and move ahead choosing a single affirmation to internalize at a time.

Once you have mastered that change, pick the next most important one to work on.

Don’t try to improve a number of habits at a single instance, ie. – lose weight, improve punctuality, work harder, etc.

Take one step at a time. Focus intensely on the one result, the most important result you want. Believe…

Give affirmations a chance. Program your own mind with the tools you need to achieve your goals.

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