How To Leverage Content

content-is-kingTransform content into multiple forms, and maximize all of the different distribution channels where your target market hangs out.

This will leverage your created content so you can build your audience and increase sales faster.

Just about everyone would agree that content is a tremendously important part of online business.

Visitors come to the Internet for information and the best way to provide it is in the form of specificly focused content.

But, as great as it is, did you know that your content is just a caterpillar waiting to blossom into a butterfly?

Your creation could be so much more…

How To Leverage Your Content

Content can wear many hats and the business owner that repurposes their content into different forms, is on their way to bigger profits. One article can be transformed into several different products and marketing tools.

Let’s start with the digital products you can create using blog posts:

• eBooks
• Special Reports
• Slide Presentations
• Audio products
• Video products

When you know a lot about a certain subject or problem, let your fingers do the tapping – on the computer that is. Writing white papers or short reports that are anywhere from five to twenty pages in length, and can solve a need or want, are a good way to distribute your wealth of information to your readers.

top-secret-short-reportYou can use short reports as a free giveaway in order to make the sale on longer reports and eBooks. The trick is to offer teaser information in the shorter report and go into detail in the paid product.

This can be sparked from writing one piece of content or a pack of articles on the same subject.

You may want to give a group presentation about your business. Whether this is a virtual conference or at an outside venue, you can use the information in your eBook or reports to create the presentation.

Include physical PowerPoint handouts for participants to take with them. Don’t forget to upload a copy to your website.

Audio and video products have increased steadily in popularity. People are consuming video instruction information voraciously. You can create audio CDs or DVDs from the chapters of your eBook.

Providing a written transcription along with them, allows for you to add workbook type questions that readers can answer after they listen to the audio. Your video product can operate the same way.

There is an absolute wealth of digital products that can be created from a group of similar, specific topic articles.

Besides the actual products you might be selling, you can increase sales by selling information that teaches customers how to do exactly what you do every day.

rp_Content-Repurposing-Infographic-256x1024.pngCreate podcasts from article and eBook information. Rewrite articles and submit guest posts to blogs, social bookmarking sites, or to article directories.

Write press releases to broadcast the new topics and use great sales copy to get readers to buy them.

What are you doing with your content? How far is your reach now?

Are you transforming it into multiple forms and then distributing it through multiple platforms?

Whatever content you have, it could be so much more if you create different versions of it. 

Your audience may prefer audio or video to text articles. Some may prefer slide presentations.

By transforming your content creation into various forms and then simply submitting them to multiple platforms, you make a little content go a long way.

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As Mark Traphagen says: Few people read newspapers anymore. Nor do they browse your blog.

People expect your content to meet them where they are (primarily in their newsfeeds).

Therefore, you should give at least as much thought to content distribution as you do to content creation.

In other words… you have to put it right in their way for most of them to see it.