Want To Get More Done?

How To Get More Done And Enjoy Doing It.

business-idea-plan-actionI was looking through my journal and came across an entry I made quite some time ago.

At the time I was feeling as if my goals were getting away from me. I just didn’t seem to be getting the results I wanted, and quite frankly I was feeling down about it.

I questioned myself about why I wasn’t getting the job done, and what I could change.

I started wondering if I could create the habit of getting everything done in timely fashion and loving every minute of it.

Of course this led to some good quality answers that I decided to proceed with from that day. I needed to create some new habits.

Any one of these check list tips will help you get more done each day you use it. The key is to use it.

Practice more of them and you will find that rarely will you not feel like doing what you need to do. You will create a new habit of getting it all done regularly, and loving every moment of it. Your goal setting program will exponentially produce maximum results.

In fact, you will become unstoppable!

I started to get real results as soon as I began implementing just the first one. I reduced my distractions. I decided to only fight the fires and urgencies that must be fought, and then return to my priority tasks immediately.

I am not perfect and sometimes catch myself resorting to old habits. But I catch myself more often these days and much sooner than I used to.

life-successBy the way, these are not new principles, I just hadn’t been putting them into action in my life.

Like everything else, I am just reciting old info as new again. Here are the steps that I wrote down and the daily habits that I was going to start that night and maintain.

1. Set your intention and expectations each and every day upon waking up. Decide in advance that you are going to max out your day, you are going to fill it with life, passion and joy.

2. Re-write your goals each morning. Start your day positively and enthusiastically knowing what you are doing, why you are doing it, and the reasons you are doing it.

3. Make a to-do list of 3-5 of the most important things to complete in the time you have, to accomplish you main intentions for the day. Prioritize them and begin with #1.

4. Expect to be high energy. Act high energy, Eat for high energy. Stay oxygenated and hydrated throughout the day.

5. Exercise 20-30 minutes daily. Make it an extremely high priority and get it done no matter what.

6. Plan rewards into your day. Laugh a lot and be playful. Enjoy the day. After all, it’s your life! Go after anything that drives you forward. Think about it consistently.

7. Monitor your vocabulary and self talk. Affirm to yourself that you need a completion today. Tomorrow is unacceptable, you want to finish it today!

business-idea-plan-action-success8. Go to sleep assured that you have done all you could possibly have done, and commit to start out fresh again in the morning.

Try any one of these and notice the difference. Try more of them and watch how much more you get done while enjoying the process.

I know they work, just as the experts said they would. After all that is where I first got them, I am just passing them on.