How Do You Get Motivated? Set Highly Motivating Goals.

Identify Your Most Important Goals If You Want To Get Motivated

To live life with passion, you have to find and do things that you are passionate about.

Does this make sense?

And, you definitely can be passionate enough, you can be highly motivated in life, if you have set a specific goal that you can work towards and believe you can achieve it.

Or you might be at that stage in life where you are living a routine life going through the motions of everyday life without any sense of purpose or passion for what you are doing.

You may be living a “settle for” life.


Nothing daring or exciting, just living day by day nothing different to look forward to.

Deep down you would probably have a sense of frustration, a yearning to do something more, go some place else, but fear and uncertainty pull you down.

Fear not, take it a little at a time, step by step, and slowly you will find yourself more motivated, more fired up and you will start living your life with more passion.

The very first thing to do is to identify your motivating goals. What do you want out of life for yourself?

You know with certainty that you do not want to be where you are now in say 5 years time, but do you know where you want to be?

Ask yourself, “Where exactly do I want to be 10 years from now, or say 5 years from now or even next year?”

You must give yourself an answer to this question.

Do not move away from this until you have something to work with. It doesn’t have to be set in stone.

How can you get excited about your life if you don’t know where you are going?

Humans need to focus on a specific target to be effective.

It is never easy to set yourself goals for even a year leave alone for 5 years or 10 years. Successful people stick with this question until they have something to work toward. Then, they take action and move towards it.

Some people are fearful of setting themselves goals that they may never achieve. They feel that having a goal is like dreaming big and like dreams; very few ever come true.

Is this the way you feel? If you ever want to have more in life, you must start thinking more about possibility.


First, what many do not realize is that this is always a self-fulfilling prophecy – since you never set yourself a goal, you can never truly work towards one.

Never ever underestimate the importance of having specific goals in mind and working towards it.

In fact most successful men and women write down what their goals are and are constantly working on them.

Second, having goals and successfully working towards them can prove to be tremendous motivating factors.

You have a sense of purpose as you actively pursue your goals, overcome obstacles and fight adversities but also a sense of fulfillment when you come closer to achieving them.

So go ahead, find yourself a quiet space, give yourself some time and plan out what your goals should be.


This is probably the most difficult phase of redefining your life but also one that will prove to be the most influential one. 

So be patient and realistic.

Outline your major goals, what it will take to achieve them, and your timeline to achieve them.

Do it now, or at the very least, schedule a time right now when you will follow through!

If you feel as if nothing is important enough for you to go after, or if you can’t commit to a long term goal, then set smaller goals that are within your belief system.

Make some kind of decision as to what you want for your life.

Then don’t leave the scene of a decision without taking some action towards it’s fulfilment.

This is critical to gain momentum right away…


And . . . Schedule some block time every day or every two days to get these exercises completed enough for you to take the next step in your goals program.

Your Motivation depends on it.

Motion creates emotion so you must start moving towards your goal to get your motivation running hot.

Activity towards a desired end will get you going!

Stagnation will stop your motivation quicker than anything I know.

Take some small action as soon as you decide what you want.

Are you excited yet? You should be, because in a very short time you will become unstoppable in your goals quest!