Do You Have Reasons That Move You To Action?


start-goals-1024x682Are your goals SMART? – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, Time-Deadlined

Just about everyone has heard about the SMART Goal Setting method. But are you really using it. Proper goal setting seems to be a lot of work, and takes considerable time to set up.

Many people stop short of completing the necessary detail to maintain their focus after the novelty has long worn off. Hence, “The New Year’s Resolution” syndrome of stopping short of getting what you want, prevails.

Goal Setting is easy and fun to maintain, once you have completed the foundational work, because you are gathering momentum, and attaining success one step at a time!

It is much easier to continue along a chosen path when you know that it is only a matter of time until you have what you want. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter!

goal-pathMagnify and Intensify your Desire, bring it closer, see it clearly and make it larger, sharpen and maintain your focus.

A-h-h-h. There’s the rub, the missing piece.

How do you maintain focus, and minimize distraction on the road to what you want?

When all seems lost, how do you keep getting back up for more? …

Have Great reasons, and Keep Them in Front of You Always!

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Whenever possible, once you decide on what you want, take some action, view the exact model of what you want, and do it as many times as necessary to burn the desire you have for this goal into your subconscious mind.

Write down every detail that you love and appreciate about your goal.

Use all of your senses in describing it, eyes for seeing how it looks, nose for smelling how it smells, mouth for tasting exactly how delicious, how it feels to the touch, experience all the different textures, etc., capture every delightful detail in your mind.

This will magnify, and intensify your desire and focus, instead of just looking at pictures alone. However, you will still want pictures too!

Take Pictures of your goals and place them everywhere:
On and in your day timer
On your fridge
On your bathroom mirror
On your bedroom wall, frame a collage of pictures
In work binders
On home office wall
On your desk at work
Make them your wallpaper on your computer
Email pictures to yourself, or have a close friend email them. Put them everywhere you spend time each day.

Make your own audio tape in your own voice, using your posture and physiology of excitement, energy and determination, make it descriptive, from a script taken while looking at what you want – smell, touch, feel, and imagine it. Listen to this tape frequently.

Have someone make a video presentation of you with your goals – detailed, then do theirs! Have fun with this. Watch videos of the rich and famous. Experience everything!

Goals like cars or boats, or winnebagos – to dealerships, get in, take pictures, smell them, feel the upholstery, go for a test drive, sit in them, close your eyes and visualize you in it, feel the emotions rising up, those you hold onto, go see them as often as you need to – get it in focus, and maintain your high levels desire

Dream Homes – get home magazines, real estate papers, architectural magazines, any publications that are relevant to your focus, immerse yourself totally!

Go to open houses, new home models, take pictures when you can, and you will come across something that fires you up.

Go to places like Home Depot, find everything you want, inside and outside, go to the furniture store, pick out the furniture, just like you want – visit these places as often as needed, with everything, take pictures, feel the feelings, as if you already are in possession of it all! Lock in that thought.

Travel Goals – pick up brochures, read magazines and books pertaining to the places you want to go, the things you want to do and see there.

Talk to travel agents that take a lot of trips to those areas that interest you and seek the inside story on the places to take in while you’re there.

Make a budget for all you want to do and have during your stay, and imagine you are already there and ready to go!

Make up score cards and update them frequently so you can see your progress towards each goal.

rp_i-believe-in-me-300x212.jpgSee in your mind’s eye how you are making it. Immerse yourself in it! Have it on your mind always.

Look for every opportunity to concentrate your power on getting what you really want.

The human brain is the most awesome instrument for creating what it focuses on. Keep what you want front and center, and your subconscious mind will go to work for you and show you the way!

And remember that you can only think one thought at a time, so make it a thought that serves you.

There are many ways to get your internal fires burning. Find out what works best for you, and have fun with this. Enjoy your life. Go for it…


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