Goal Setting Not Working For You?

start-goals-1024x682Having problems with your Goal Setting? Do you need some extra organization to keep you in the proper flow?

Are you almost there, but not quite where you want to be? Do you have your goals organized? This FREE Brainstorming Goals Starter may help you get some ideas.

What’s that? Goals don’t work, do you say?

Did you stop setting goals because of past disappointments? Did you stop believing in yourself? Did you stop believing that you were worth it? Do you need to make it happen this year for sure?

Let me ask you some very important questions.

Do you have your goals written down? Have you created your very own personal goals workbook, are you monitoring your goals and are you measuring how you are progressing towards your most important goals?

Goals are just resolutions that you make and put down on paper, and they are just that, your resolutions, your decisions that this year will be different than past years, that this year you will have, do, or be more than past years.

Did you actually “resolve” to make a change last time? Did you commit to it’s achievement? Did you work out strategies for motivating yourself?

Did you make those hard “decisions” to be more, have more, do more with your life? You knew that there was effort involved didn’t you? There is no free lunch in this world, you have to pay for everything you get don’t you?

You pay either in effort produced, time spent, or money invested, in varying quantities of each. Goal Setting is no different, although the rewards are phenomenal when you do it properly.

You make up your mind to pay the fixed price and go get what you want. Nothing different here, just prices we are not used to paying, we have new habits to create and set up, so that our success journey is placed on auto pilot and we smoothly move forward.

But it is more than worth it. The joy and exhilaration you feel after a big goal achievement, especially if you are part of a group, is absolutely priceless!

There is nothing that compares to it. A whole party of people setting goals, overcoming obstacles, solving problems, developing challenges, new strategies, pursuing joy and passions together! Priceless emotions for sure.

Having my goals stated, and all in one book, keeps me going for it when others may fall by the wayside. I have a computer version of my goals that I can refer to any time I want, but I keep my pages printed out and in a Goals Workbook.

No matter what anyone says, when you are working on your goals, nothing beats having it all right in front of you to mark up any way you want, when the great ideas and strategies strike you.

By making up your own personal goals book binder, you will fill it with pertinent information just for you on how to get whatever your heart desires. You can personalize it to your own individual preferences and make it your goal setting program.

Someday has Arrived Video - 100 Day ChallengeJump start your goals right now. If you haven’t already started a plan for this next year and beyond, then this website is for you!

If you want something to be different in the next few years, then you better start doing something different than what you are presently doing now.

It is a plain and simple fact that if you continue doing what you are doing now, then you will continue to get what you are presently getting.

Are you happy with that? Are you having all the success you want? Are you presently achieving all of your goals. Are you happily achieving those dreams that you had when you were younger?

Or, do you need to make some changes? Do you need a new strategy? How is this year going to be any different? How are you going to make this year your very best year yet?

Have a look at this absolutely FREE, Brainstorming Goals Starter (free report) to help you get tons of ideas.

What would it be worth to you to have your goals this year in organized form, and be able to tell everyone that you achieved every single one of them way ahead of schedule? Proper goal setting creates terrific plans for you to take action and achieve everything you want.

Do you need a place to organize your thoughts to quit smoking, quit drinking, save some money, get out of debt, change your business plan, or new career planning? Do you need to adjust your plans to make it happen for you this year?

If so, It is definitely time to figure out what you are hiding from yourself. Ask yourself these following questions:

· Do you consistently fail when it comes to attaining your goals in life?
· Are you just drifting along with no plan, no goals, and no ideas?
· Are you stuck in a comfort zone that gives you no new challenges?
· Are you getting too little of what you really want and way too much of what you do not want?
· Are you living with guilt or frustration and do not know how to change things?

What is at stake here is the quality of your life. Do you want to live it fully and authentically? Or are you okay with someone else calling the shots and making decisions for you for the rest of your life? This may help with some more ideas… Check out this free ebook – “The Motivation Companion

Make all your dreams come true. Get started now! Make this year your best year yet! Your Total Goal Achievement is just a step away. Take that step. Invest time in yourself.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Go For It!

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