Goal Setting, How Do I Use Mind Mapping To Brainstorm Ideas?

How to Mind Map – 4 Tips That Will Guarantee Learning Success by Ashton Dixon

Mind mapping is a technique that uses visual representation of a central idea that helps someone memorize and learn information in a very specialized way. The credit for introducing this technique to the world goes to Tony Buzan. Since that time, there have been so many interpretations on how to properly mind map.

So where do you begin? You start out with a blank piece of paper and you write down the main idea or concept on the center of the page. Most experts prefer that you use a colorful image to represent that idea, but you can still use words if you want to.

From here, you think of related ideas connected to the main idea. You then draw lines, arrows and even branches to connect the ideas together. Again, color is recommended when you draw these connections. This how it all begins and those are the 2 simple steps to follow.

How does it work? The simplest way of saying this is that it uses the whole brain instead of just the left or the right brain. Think of it this way, in school and at work we are often asked to review, study and even memorize lists and tables.

When we do this, we only engage the left side of our brain. Mind mapping uses both sides, thus increasing a person’s learning ability. The use of colors, lines and pictures allows the map to access the right side of the brain.

Does this work for everyone? Yes, if done correctly.

Here are some guidelines to remember to ensure you’re doing things correctly.

First, use only keywords and not whole sentences because this would only confuse yourself.

Second, make sure that the central idea is a strong and clear visual image. Remember that it should stand out because it needs to stand out on your mind.

Third, do not limit yourself when using colors. The more colors your map has, the more engaged the right brain is. Fourth step is: do not check or judge your work. Write down ideas as they come, draw images as you picture them and do not stop until there are no more ideas.

Lastly, leave lots of space. Even if you have run out of ideas in one session, you can always go back to your map to add more.

Are there other ways to mind map? Fortunately there are other ways. With the advent of technology, a lot of websites are offering software that will guide you and would even suggest ideas for you. Most of these software applications are very easy to use and the best part is they’re inexpensive and some of them are even free.

This has evolved so much in the last decade and it is fast becoming a mainstream learning tool for students and employees. A lot of businesses have benefited from this and schools are beginning to teach it too. So take advantage of it because others already have.

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