Get Rid Of Fat With These Pre-Meal Tricks

cinnamon-300x2003 Pre-meal ‘Tricks’ To Control Your Blood Sugar Response and Stay in Fat-Burning Mode You can actually increase weight loss and get rid of fat faster¬†with these tips.

Great article here for those interested in lowering their weight. (Read the article here.)

Grapefruit has similar effects as the article states, when it comes to controlling your blood sugar response to foods.

As little as 1/2 of a fresh grapefruit before a meal can lower your insulin response to that meal according to a study done in 2006.

I quote from Mike Geary’s newsletter, “I recently came across this study published in 2006 in the Journal of Medicinal Food, titled “The effects of grapefruit on weight and insulin resistance”… the study measured results after 12 weeks of 91 obese patients broken down into a placebo group, a group that received a half of a fresh grapefruit before each meal (3x a day), a group that received an 8 oz glass of grapefruit juice before each meal, and a group that received a grapefruit capsule before each meal.

The results were interesting…

It turned out that grapefruit before a meal DID in fact increase fat loss, with the fresh grapefruit group losing the most weight, although even the grapefruit juice group and the grapefruit capsule group lost more than the placebo group.

There was a significant reduction in 2-hour post-glucose insulin level in the grapefruit group compared with placebo. Half of a fresh grapefruit eaten before meals was associated with significant weight loss. Insulin resistance was also improved with fresh grapefruit.”

Read Mike Geary’s article here about 2 more pre-meal fat burning tricks. Read also –¬†

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