Focus On What You Want

What is this all important thing that we absolutely must do if we want to be successful in our endeavors … this thing that is ‘so critically important to our goal setting process’ that if we do not manage it, we must then fail to get our goals… and all that is important and good could be lost?

And as simple as this may seem, without doing this one thing you could be setting yourself up for failure! Quite simply, it is this…

Our Focus, what we are thinking about most of the time, our constant and overpowering thoughts will forecast what we will manifest in our life. Good or Bad.

Where we apply our focus will determine whether we attain in life what we most desire.

good-morning-stressHave you caught yourself thinking about how difficult, or how unfair life is?

Have you ever wondered why it is you who seems to always have a hard time, and not someone else?

Have you caught yourself focusing on the problems that seem to come up every time you start to go for it?

By the way I have caught myself feeling this way countless times, almost habitually. Actually it has never helped me to move forward at all. Not once, not ever.

How about you? Has thinking about the obstacles in your life ever helped you get measurable results toward what you want? You have to turn that around…

focus-on-the-targetI would venture to say that when you have moved forward is when you were in solution mode, that is to say that you were actively thinking of ways to go over, go around, go under, or go through challenges. You were focused on the target.

And, I would go further and go out on a limb to say that when you have been successful at attaining something, it was because you refused to submit to those problems and massively focused on how you could make it work.

I mean, am I wrong? I’m pretty sure that all of the current information we have at our disposal states one absolutely irrefutable fact.

That is that our conscious minds can only hold one thought at a time, even though they can change with lightning speed, still we can hold only one thought at a time.

dreams-can-come-trueThis is a tremendously important principle. And it could be the life or death of our dream.

So for today only, think about what you want. When your mind starts to wander, bring it back quickly to your goal. For today only, keep focused steadily on the result you want.

They say that repetition is good…

So for today only – Focus. Concentrate On What You Want To Have, Do, or Be All Day Long. Live in the now, be present in the moment all day.

Bring yourself back quickly if you start to stray from thinking about what you want. Read an empowering book, listen to a powerful speaker, or watch an inspiring video that helps you create your own magnificent obsession. (FREE Think And Grow Rich Ebook by Napoleon Hill)

Take action and LIVE every moment as if you already have what you want.

Of course, today will arrive once again after your next sleep when ‘tomorrow’ becomes ‘today’ again. And you might want to consider going through this all over again when that happens.

Or not . . . maybe it is not all that important to reach your goals . . . (grins)