Flavored Waters To Stay Hydrated

bag-of-organic-lemonsEveryone recommends staying hydrated throughout the day.

But what if plain water is not your forte?

I hear people tell me quite often. “I don’t like drinking water.”

Worry not… Try delicious and refreshing natural flavored waters.

I make sure that I get my quota of water every day because I prep my water supply and flavor it naturally ahead of time.

Drink your favorite flavored waters and you will want to get your quota of water every day.

Either I will steep lemons or green teas overnight for the morning, or I will add fruits or vegetables to water each morning and make up a 2 liter container full.

I want to consume it all before the day is out.

Voila! Because I have planned it out and measured it in advance, I have set and achieved my goal of staying hydrated all day long, every day. It is just too important to leave it to chance.

I try to drink a half ounce of water for each pound of my body weight, but you should check with your doctor and see what is right for you.

7 Reasons Water Should Be Your Drink of Choice

We know water is good for us, but with soda, juice, coffee, tea, energy drinks, and other drinks so readily available, it’s hard to make the decision to choose water.

iced-watermelon-blendSo, drink more water because…

* It keeps your skin looking great.
If your skin looks tired and unhealthy, so do you. Staying properly hydrated removes all the toxins that build up in you skin, and helps prevent it from drying out.

If you have the opposite problem; puffy bloated skin, lack of water is likely your problem too. When skin doesn’t get water, it retains what it already had, leaving your skin cells full, puffy, and not too attractive. If you want to look beautiful, you should keep yourself hydrated.

* It’s cheaper.
Sure, if you buy bottled water, it can be as expensive as soda, juice, and coffee. However, some studies are showing that tap water can be as clean and safe as bottled water, and costs a whole lot less.

If you have a problem with the taste of your tap water, buy a Brita filter pitcher or one that attaches to the faucet. It still costs a lot less overall.

* For a healthy heart.
When you’re properly hydrated, your blood is thinner and easier to pump. This means your heart has to do less work and ultimately lasts longer. Studies have shown that people who drink plenty of water have fewer heart problems.

lemon-water* Reduce toxic build-up.
Sure, it sound’s like something from a bathroom cleaner commercial, but you have toxins in your cells too. Some come from the environment and others you produce yourself. Either way, they’re in your body and you need to get rid of them.

Just like you use water to flush your toilet; your body uses water to flush out toxins. Getting rid of this waste helps you function more effectively and feel better.

* There’s no sugar added.
While fruit juices may contain many nutrients, they also contain a whole lot of sugar. This is especially true for many bottled juices from the grocery store. This sudden burst of sugar triggers your insulin response and can make you tired and sluggish. The increase in insulin helps to convert that sugar to fat faster. Sugary sodas will produce the same reaction and they usually contain no nutrients at all. Some sodas contain up to ten teaspoons of sugar in each can or bottle.

* Caffeine is a diuretic.
So why water? Why not drink diet soda or coffee all day? These drinks contain caffeine, which actually causes you to lose water throughout the day. You retain some of the water content of the beverages, but not as much as when you drink pure water.

You can try decaffeinated beverages, but the best way to use the water you drink is to get it pure and clean, with no chemicals added.

jug-of-cucumber-steeped-water* Energy Boost.
Think you can’t get through the day without your morning caffeine boost? Well, water can give you energy as well. Your body is made up mostly of water. It loses it throughout the day, so you have to replace it for your body to work efficiently; particularly the heart and digestive tract.

As mentioned earlier, water helps your body work better by getting rid of excess waste. The more efficiently your whole body is works, the better you’ll feel and the more energy you’ll have. Maybe enough energy to skip that cup of coffee.

So go ahead, skip the vending machine, go to the faucet, and get yourself a nice, refreshing glass of water, and you will absolutely be doing yourself a big favor. You’ll need the extra energy if you’re going after BIG Goals . . .