Five Very Common Goals Set

The 5 Most Common Goals By Dave Vower

There are many, many goals being set by people all around the world and many of them are being set at the start of the year for new years eve. This is one of the most popular times to set goals, and here are some of the most popular and common goals being set across the world.

Lose Weight: Losing weight has always been one of the most common industries being promoted throughout the world. It’s funny really, considering that much of the world does not get enough good food to eat, the rest of the world is looking to eat less. (Well, actually, they’d most likely enjoy eating the same amount, but still lose the weight anyway)

Stop Procrastination: This is most likely a goal that many people from the above goal are looking for too! Procrastination can be a tough one to beat, however one of my favorite sayings for this problem is to “put off procrastination until later”. Many people demonstrate that they’re very good at putting things off. So why not put off, putting things off!

Write a Book: I believe this goal is an important benchmark for many people. Writing a book is something that’s increased in popularity since the internet. Internet publishing has made publishing a book very easy because of the fact that it’s free to publish an ebook. Many people have a lot to offer with their own life experiences and they ought to be able to share it. What a great way to get your thoughts out there!

Fall in Love: I’m surprised this is not the number one goal of all time. Seeking someone to love, or to be loved by someone is a deep desire for many of us and it’s also a lifetime goal. Once achieved, satisfaction from your daily activities becomes multiplied many times over. The deep feelings of security and passion can inspire some of the best poetry and music ever written. A nobel goal indeed!

Be Happy: So simple, yet so elusive! Happiness is what many people consider the meaning of life. But happiness is not just a state of being, It’s something you achieve by doing things. It’s an emotion, and emotions are reactions to things that are going on, and things you’re doing. They’re based on your thoughts and actions. So you need to be doing something in order to achieve happiness.

Goals are funny things. I wonder what goals you’ve set for yourself lately?

By Dave Vower

The author has been writing articles online for over 4 years now. Not only does this author specialize in health, fitness and relationships you can also check out his latest websites on Wine Cellar Cooling and Baby Educational Toys

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