Expand Your Identity – Boost Your Self Image

How To Expand Your Identity, And Boost Your Self Image, With Conscious Positive Self Talk.

If you aren’t already, you can be a “Do it now, Make it happen, Can Do” person. Just crowd out the negative, self-doubting, self-limiting thoughts that come into your mind and suck the joy out of your life. Here is how.

Think and dwell on only those thoughts that serve you. Repeat some of these affirmations as needed, or better still, make up some of your very own personal affirmations that boost your self image.

positive-self-talk-1024x724I believe in me.

I am an action person.

I create and mold my life as I desire.

I live each day purposely and joyfully in the present moment.

I am an adventurous, passionate, social, public type of individual who makes and keeps commitments.

I set and attain goals that I desire within my purpose.

I am a happy, loving, giving person, caring for others, and provide abundance for my family and those in need.

I have an abundance of health, energy, love, and finances that I enjoy and share.

I am a Do it now, Make it happen, Can Do kind of person, and once I make a decision, I follow thru.

When I commit to something, I can be counted on, no matter what.

I am happiest when I schedule myself with enough activities that I jump out of bed in the morning, and last well into the evening.

My goals motivate me to stay up each day until they’re done, and I am satisfied that I have done all I can every day.

Health, Energy and Love are my highest priorities because everything I do, I share, and I have, flows from them.

I love my God, my Creator. Everything that stems from my life, I give the glory to God. I pray each day as if it is all up to him, and I work each day as if it is all up to me. I find this to be a perfect combination for action and results.

I nourish my body and my mind with health-giving elements and will not stand still for toxic foods, negative producing people, or environments around me.

I surround myself with positive, caring, loving, charitable, purposeful people that I can learn from and use the laws of association to my benefit.

I choose how to feel, how to believe and how to act, and I manage these constantly.

I sleep and rejuvenate as necessary to keep my mental and physical performance at maximum and optimal levels.

I am empowered to achieve whatever I set myself to, by having faith, believing in my cause, and knowing that I am following my plan and purpose, no matter how it looks or appears to be on the outside.

I set great goals. I calmly, plan, prepare, organize, execute, and follow up with them regularly.

I have made friends with the unknown and allow my many talented, always perfect, subconscious self to deal accurately with any situation that may arise.

I ignor the attempts of people who would sway me from my chosen path, because I know something they don’t, and I see the future how it could be, and how it must be. I know that they are doing the best they can with the resources they have, and I love them for that. I welcome the opportunity to share my viewpoint and therefore enrich both of us. I do not fear that they might see it differently, for there is always something that I can learn from them.

I am happy with myself and I love who I am, therefore I am fulfilled inside, where it counts.

Signed — Me…

Remember this one below for sure and pull it out whenever you feel any self-doubt creeping in…

I believe in me. Do you believe in you?

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