Enjoy The Present. Are You Making Good Use Of Today?

play-have-funWhere are you living? Strange question you ask? Think deeply. Here, I will make it easy for you.

Are you living in the past, present, or future?

Many people are living in the past or in the future, and are leaving the only moment that they have which is NOW, the present moment, go to waste unnoticed, unappreciated. Enjoy the present.

For some reason when some of us grow up, we lose our childlike amazement for everything we see or touch.

I didn’t say “childish”, I said and meant “childlike”, as in the newness and wonder children feel, the feeling of curiosity in everything they do. Growing up and having responsibilities changes some of us… and not always in a good way.

We begin to live in our mind in a world that is not really there. We either go back in the past to feel the sorrows and pleasures of life, or we go to the future to feel the worries and the joys of it.

love-laugh-live-be-presentChildren get it, adults not so much. The fact is, all you have is the present moment. To live life to the fullest you must live in the moment, in the now.

It is all that you have, and will ever have, and you owe it to yourself to make it the best moment it can be. That is how you create a life of fulfillment, a life of significance.

We choose our joys and sorrows in our minds long before we see them in reality. And we might not even see them at all! Our imaginations can conjure up all sorts of future events and directions that may never occur except in our minds eye.

Live today. Live in the moment. The past has passed. It is gone. The future is not here yet, so there is no need to worry. Events may or may not happen. In fact, I read somewhere that only ten percent of our worries ever come true. Ninety percent of the time, we work through things to create a positive result, so enjoy the present moment. Go for it.

The present is a present. This is where the ultimate joy is.

Make the most out of it and live your life moment by moment. Don’t rush into the future or live in the cage of your past. Go for it.

play-is-healthyFill your days with pleasure and I promise you that you will have pleasurable days!

Live everyday as if it is your last day on earth and that you absolutely must experience as much as you can in this short time. Be more childlike.

You never know what will happen next! You do know that whatever it is, you will handle it. You always have. Life is way too short and you shouldn’t waste it by living it in parts of time that no longer exist, or are yet to exist.

Think about it! Today is all we have, it is all that exists really. Enjoy your life to the fullest today. Tomorrow will be just another today, . . . when it gets here.