Email Marketing Tips To Keep Your Subscribers

7 Tips That Will Keep Your Subscribers Begging for More By Latoya Hackett

One of the worst things that you can experience in a as an email marketer is your audience not taking interest in your content. Don’t get me wrong, people un-subscribing here and there is a natural part of the process.

But if you notice a high level of people un-subscribing then you have a problem that is costing you time and money. So here are some tips for keeping your audience interested in what you have to offer and keep them begging for more:

Tip #1 – Give them information that they can actually use.

Don’t just give your subscribers general information that they can find on the Internet. That does them absolutely no good and it gives you no purpose in their eyes. Give them information that they can go out and use after reading your email. Even in you are presenting information that is not exactly new, present it in a way that makes it seem new and interesting.

Tip #2 – It’s not all about promoting your products or service.

Now I know that you want to make more money and promote your products or services, but it’s not always about that. If you are promoting or trying to get your audience to buy something in every single email that you send out they are going to unsubscribe.

So what you should do is set a schedule for your promotional emails. For example, you can send out a promotional email every 5th email or something like that.

Tip #3 – Infuse your personality in your content.

The problem that many people have is they sound too much like a robot in their emails. Or even worse than that they sound like every other spammer out there. Before you send out a single email, make sure you have a grasp on how you want to infuse your personality into your content. Got a great sense of humor? Share a joke or two with your audience before getting down to business.

Tip #4 – Communication is a two way street.

Don’t just talk at your audience and expect them to listen. Communicate with them in a way that they feel their input matters. No matter what you are talking about, always encourage feedback from your audience. Showing interest in your audience’s thoughts and opinions is what builds relationships. And if done right you can turn those relationships into profitable ones.

Tip #5 – Sending out an email everyday is just too much.

The only time that you want to send out an email everyday is if your subscribers have signed up for daily content such as a daily ecourse or daily tips. Otherwise, you want to space out your emails.

Sending out emails every 2-3 days is a good schedule to keep. You want to send your emails often enough that your subscribers don’t forget you, but you don’t want to do it so often that you get on their nerves.

Tip #6 – Be a better story teller.

Sometimes they only way to get your point across is to tell a story that your audience can relate to. If you are a good storyteller then that means that you can get your readers to read your emails from start to finish which is awesome.

But some of you that need to work on this area just talk to your audience like you would a friend. Be descriptive, give examples, use scenarios examples. And while doing this just remember to remain respectful.

Tip #7 – Giveaway some freebies from time to time.

Don’t forget to give away some free goodies that your audience will like. For some people, giving away something for free is like pulling teeth. I promise it won’t lead to the end of the world.

By offering freebies you are keeping your subscriber interested and wonder what you are going to give away next and that will keep them around. But you want to make sure that the freebies you are giving away will aid in your email’s purpose so that your audience will be getting something useful out of it.

So there you have it! 7 simple tips that will keep your subscribers begging for more. Make sure you are planning out your email campaigns before you even think about sending out that first email. If you want your campaign to go as smoothly as possible then this is the way to go.

Latoya J. Hackett is a serial entrepreneur that has been making a living 100% online since 2005. She owns multiple online businesses such as a Virtual Assisting Practice, a Graphic Design Company, and an Internet Marketing Company.

Her spare time is spent teaching other hungry entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses, how to work from home, and how to successfully make money online. She specializes in the areas of Blogging, Internet Marketing, and Information Product Creation.

If you would like to take advantage of free tips and techniques for making money online you can join her at (link no longer active)

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