How and Why To Build An Email List

Listbuilding Will Help You Grow Your Business By Allowing You To Increase Communication And Customer Service Channels.

Your prospects are allowing you to message them regularly with relevant and useful information. Even if you’re new to Internet marketing, you’ve heard the same old saying a thousand times. The big money online is in list building.

Building your own prospect and customer lists is a legitimate business strategy. You just can’t afford to overlook it.

It doesn’t matter what your business is. Having a way to communicate directly with your customers beats everything else hands down.

Why it works

Marketing research reveals that most people don’t make a purchase after one exposure to a marketing message. Repeated encounters are a key to generating sales.

In fact it is more inline with the personal sales field and print marketing where seven impressions are made before most sales complete.  With a prospect list you have the chance to share your relevant messages repeatedly with those subscribers.

People are also more likely to buy from those with whom the feel a trusting connection. Email Marketing gives you a chance to develop a relationship with the people on your list. That increases your credibility, producing more sales.

How to do it

Building a list is a rock-solid way to take advantage of a good home based business opportunities online, and it beings with a single simple page – the squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a landing page designed with a single purpose. It should persuade the reader to become part of your list. No extras. (“Optin Secrets” Squeeze Page Example)

Most of the time, people encourage sign ups by offering a free gift to new subscribers. This is a proven strategy that you can use to spur the success of your business.

It’s not enough to have a good freebie though. It’s also critical to put together a squeeze page in the right manner.

We know that specific squeeze page techniques generate optimal results. You should adopt those winning strategies. That means you’ll want to follow these three guidelines.

Squeeze page basics

  • First, your squeeze page should be free of all outgoing links with the exception of the “submit” button on your sign up form. You don’t want to provide your prospective customers with an “escape route” or distractions that may reduce conversions.
  • Second, you’ll need to write a short, powerful message. You want your squeeze page to generate those sign ups – everything else is extraneous and will decrease effectiveness. Don’t forget that your squeeze page only has one purpose – to build a list. Every line of that squeeze page should exist to serve that objective.
  • Third, you will want to approach the sign up process as if it were as important as a big sale – close that deal! As such, your squeeze page’s sign up form should feature a powerful call to action. Clearly communicate the value of subscribing to those reading the page.


If you follow those three recommendations and offer an attractive freebie, you’ll be well on your way to building a list.

You’ll be able to build trust and credibility with your subscribers. It will also allow you to reach them with your marketing messages on multiple occasions.

You will dramatically improve your business by using these email list building secrets. The best marketers in the business rely on list building for a reason.

Because it’s still true – the money is in the list!

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