Do Your Goals Move You Or Are You Limited By Your Past?

life-purpose-menuHow do you determine your future? What is the driving force that controls your life? Is it your history or your imagination?

Is it your past events or is it your future vision? Let me explain…

Many people limit themselves by their history. They think that what they have achieved in the past is the only thing that they can achieve in the future.

And they believe that what they failed to do in the past, they would never be able to achieve in the future. Their history controls their present and future.

They think that they would never be able to do more or have more. The past for them is like a prison that hinders them from realizing their full potential.

On the other hand, successful people live their life out of their creative imagination.

They believe in their dreams. They are confident, and for them there are no limits.

They let their imagination decide what they are capable of doing. They believe that the human potential is unlimited. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. They can always change and improve.

They allow the beauty of their dreams to control their present and guide them to a brighter future.

Stephen Covey has an amazing quote that says: “Live out of your imagination, not your history”.

Don’t allow your history to control your destiny. Live out of your imagination and live your life by design. You have only to design it. See your ideal life and feel it before you embrace it.

How do you see it? Get a pen and a paper now and design your life. How would you like to live your life in the following areas: Spiritual, Personal, Social, Financial and Physical? Write your own life script, and then live it each and every day.

When you live out of your imagination, you’ll truly experience what the word FREEDOM means. With your imagination, even the sky is NOT the limit.

Living in your imagination, your life becomes wonderfully interesting! Remember when you were a child? Be childlike. (not childish) 🙂

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