Do You Really Want Your Goal?


Without your positive effort, nothing works. Your focus is a very big piece of the “goals” puzzle. The following exercise is meant to help you control your focus by clarifying your reasons for going after your goal. If you have already built up a burning desire for what you want, then just scroll down to the other articles. If not, then make an effort to complete this exercise and do yourself a big favor.

Controlling your Thoughts – One At A Time

This exercise takes some time, but is well worth the effort. I make a point to do this exercise regularly, and especially when there is a goal I am lagging on.

Pick the most important thing you want in life. The number one, top of your head, always on your mind goal.

Think about it. Have you got enough reasons why you must make this happen? Have you pumped up enough pressure in your mind that you have made it urgent, absolutely necessary, can’t live without it?

You MUST do this. If you haven’t, then, think of some more reasons and write them down now.

your-goalDoes your goal excite you just thinking about it? It should! Can you imagine how your life will be when you successfully achieve it? Think of how you feel knowing that all the rest of your years, you did what it takes to succeed in this. Feel this feeling now.

Now think of your life without it, your whole life as you pass through the years without it? The pain and regrets you feel about not going for it when you have the chance! All of the things you will not go after because you failed to go for it this time. You must feel this pain now.

It is important to do this whole exercise, not just the fun parts. You must feel the excitement, the passion, the joy, and the confidence a positive result will bring. But, you must also feel the pain, the disappointment, the regret, the self esteem lowering value of not having this in your life.

This is a push-pull strategy, pushes you in the direction you want to go, and pulls you away from the direction you don’t want to go, and makes you aware of how you actually feel about what you are doing.

Tony Robbins calls this the pain-pleasure principle and every thing we do is caused by these two motivators.

Which thought pattern felt better? . . . Duhh!

It seems obvious to me that now is the time to control and maintain your focus positively, and go for what you want without a backward thought.

It does no good to battle yourself with negative self talk, and entertain two endings to this story. You will persist, you will go for it, you will attain what you want, you will control and maintain your focus until you are there, and you will feel AWESOME! Go For It!

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