Desire – A Powerful Tool In Any Goals Program

Desire . . . what does this word bring to your mind?

Alright, let’s keep it clean now… GRINS!

But . . . of all the thoughts that just moved through your mind, did any of them stir up an emotion? Did you just all of a sudden feel strong emotion or connection with anything?

your-goalThat’s Desire . . . This is the emotion you need to create in order to call upon the amazing powers of attraction. If your goal does not create a powerful desire, then you probably have the wrong goal for you.

A Burning Desire will manifest itself in your life to the degree that you keep it burning in your heart. As kids we did this without thinking. Children are passionate naturally.

Somewhere along the line though, a negative experience might have “crushed” our future desires out of us. Just too painful and discouraged to get heated up and then not realize our dream.

Yes. Some of us have to go all the way back to when we were kids in order to come up with a time when we remember just how much, just how badly we wanted something.

Do you remember such times? Take a minute now and think back with me.

As children, we thought about it all the time. We talked about it all the time. We planned and schemed all the days to figure out how we were going to get it, just how we were going to do it.

We tried to sell our parents and every single person in our path on the virtues of what we wanted. We persisted until we got what we wanted. At least I remember it happened that way many times in my past.

Think about those times. That is our power. We still have it!

Building an overwhelming desire is the key to consistently taking those actions we know we have to take, in order to accomplish those things we really want.

Do you remember those times when your desire was so great that you overcame your fear and completed the task successfully anyway. How did you feel after that?

Or . . . Think back to a time earlier in your life when there was something that you wanted to do, but you were afraid to try it. We have all had moments of indecision, when our fears well up inside, and our self talk becomes negative, supposedly to save us from pain of failure.

The fear and pain of possible failure overcame our desire and we didn’t follow through. Weak desires bring weak results.

And what did we do then? We probably quit on ourselves. At the very least, at that moment we felt at a loss to accomplish what we wanted. For some of us, the painful memory is pretty recent and engraved in our minds.

What would you say if I told you that there was a way to crowd out these types of thoughts out before they immobilized us?

Focus on how you will feel when you have finished successfully, and feel those feelings now.

You can do it! Feel them as you are taking the actions necessary, and you will be happily achieving in life, instead of feeling the fears which come along with indecision and inaction.

Weak desires do bring weak results.

When you find your desire dwindling, sometimes because you focus on the possibility of failure, change your focus to how you will feel after successfully accomplishing your aim. Feel it now! Or, do something immediately which will get you started on what you want.

You can change your focus any time at will. Get your eyes off yourself!

Focus on how you can help others by completing the task! You can only think one thought at a time so if you are truly thinking about others you cannot possibly be anything else but excited.

Heat up your desire by continually focusing on what you want, and how it will improve your life. How it will improve others’ lives around you. Create the feeling of urgency to do it now! You already know how to do this.

Talk about urgency? Have you ever waited to the last minute of a deadline before you completed something? ( ‘O’ have we all! ) Recreate that feeling on your own and act as if your deadline just got moved up.

The desire to “not” go through the negative consequences of not following through moves us to immediate action and bring about the desired results.

Desire, negatively or positively produced does move us. Yes! Go for it! You can do it! Create your own deadlines and penalties and rewards and commit to making it happen.

Commit to raising your level of desire and you will astonish yourself with what you can do, and what you will want to accomplish.

People get things done by continually focusing on the benefits of their actions. Focus on the prize instead of the process and your excitement will naturally take over.

As I said before, Weak Desire brings weak results. On the flip side, strong desire can move mountains!

Regularly stoke your desire and feel the excitement take over. Be proactive, rather than reactive. Now go get your goals. They are just waiting on you. 

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