Creating Profitable Solo Ads

Here are four simple, informative tips that will help you achieve better results with your solo ads. Always test them to see how they are performing.

A Solo ad is a single advertisement in an email sent out by the owner of a ezine/newsletter to his list of subscribers for you.

Why does it work more effectively than the others? You can fully personalize your solo ad and it will be sent out alone in one single email, which lets the readers focus only on the solo ad itself. No distractions from anything else.

Done properly, this will definitely increase the response to the advertisement and gives you a edge compared to other ads which go by hardly even noticed.

Let’s get into what factors are important in “solo ads” advertising..

First, decide what you are going to promote and the results you want. Be specific, no generalities here or you won’t be able to publish an effective ad. Then and only then can you start the process in publishing your solo ad.

1. Create effective attention-grabbing headlines.
2. Write your solo ads using compelling copy.
3. Create effective landing pages that your visitors will click to.
4. Choose relevant niche newsletter or e-zine publishers to send out your solo ads.

1. Coming up with the perfect title
Ever been to a newspaper/magazine stand or been to a book store? If you are not attracted to the headline and image of a story book on its cover, would you even consider reading it, let alone buy it? Hardly, and that is why you need to hook your readers with a attention-grabbing, compelling headline and outstanding imagery.

2. Writing a solo ad
Most people are tired of seeing advertisements over and over again. They are bombarded daily, and they can sense it right away, followed quickly by the “delete” button. So how do you make a difference with your solo ads?

Write stories. Humans have been drawn in by stories since they were born. We’ll read any stories which that look interesting.

It has been said that the best solo ad never sells a thing, it only pre-sells and warms up the readers for the main course.

3. Design the website where your visitors will go
It is common that people send readers of their solo ads right to their main sales page. That is a big mistake. In fact you should have specific landing pages taylored for each solo ad so that you can evaluate the results from each one.

4. Choosing the right newsletter or e-zine
This is an extremely important step. Without this you will be dead in the water, and get poor results. Whether or not your readers will be interested in your solo ad depends on what group they are from, and what they are interested in.

Here is a great example of this… Politically speaking, would a Republican be interested in a letter designed with Democrats interests?

To find relevant, targeted niche e-zines/newsletters where you can advertise, simply make a search on Google with your niche market’s keywords + ezine or check out the popular or high ranking websites in your niche.

From there, find the links that say “advertising” or “advertise with us”, and the rest is pretty much self-explanatory for each site. For a step-by-step system of creating solo ad messages that attract prospects like iron to a magnet, check out Adrian’s ebook below.

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