How To Create Solo Ads The Right Way

Marketing with solo ads has some very strong points that makes this strategy incredibly attractive and efficient in building your business.

First, solo ads are a simple technique. They consist of a single email sent to a list of hopefully trusting hungry subscribers, alone and without distractions in a niche that is of interest to them.

Second, solo ads are emailed separately. Emails are more personal to the subscriber than blogs or social media. They have given out their email address, so a small commitment has already been made to the solo ads provider.

So, since solo ads are both simple and powerful, they work like crazy when properly researched and executed to your selected target market. The best thing about them though: they are totally scaleable once you find your sweet spot. 🙂

When creating a subject line to grab their attention, you have to keep in mind that your real objective is selling your email message to your customer, in other words, clicking to open your email. Nothing else at that point.

If you can’t make them open your email, the rest of the techniques for writing solo ads is pointless. That’s why you can’t bypass the importance of the subject line or headline. 

The last thing I’ll mention about subject lines in solo ads is relevance to your reader.

Relevance can be anything going on in the world right now. Current events and fresh topics can improve your click-through rate, but it has to be relevant to your subscriber too.

Know the purpose of your mailing and every word and image has to point in that direction and remain simple with only one link destination (this does does not necessarily mean one link though).

You must put a call to action to the end to achieve your purpose. The reason for this is that not everyone is going to know what to do next. You have to actually tell them what you want them to do.

The text of your solo ad needs to be narrowed down so each line is shorter and has maximum impact. Every word needs to work the prospect towards your goal, don’t write anything fluffy and without purpose. It is all about your prospect and what they will get, not about you.

A lot of big companies will advertise themselves by sharing the features of their products or services. These messages usually fall short in direct response marketing but are more effective as long term investments after massive exposure.

WIIFM. Always talk about a person’s benefits and what they can expect from clicking over. For more secrets about writing effective solo ads take advantage of Adrian’s ebook below. He is a solo ad master who has been writing effective solo ads for over a decade.

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