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Solo Ads Critical Factors…


Are Your Solo Ads Getting Good Results?

List – Offer – Copy – Design.
Here are critical factors to increase your chances that your solo ads perform and give you the results you desire.

Don’t let all this confuse you though. The only real purpose of your solo ad is to get your prospects to “click” your link. Your ‘solo ads’ sales funnel does the rest. 

Here are four tried and tested principles on Solo Ads funnels that have worked the best over time.

Pick The Right List

If that’s not obvious enough then imagine the Republicans sending an email to a list of Democrats asking for votes. It’s just not to going to work.

It’s an absolute must and no matter how good you offer is. No matter what an amazing bargain it might be and how helpful it is – if you pick the wrong list – it’s game over before you get started.

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Paid Ads Or Free Traffic Sources?

value-of-a-customerLet’s have a look at the “real” cost of free traffic vs paid advertising.

Print ads, postcards, digital ezine or Solo Ads, once tested and scaled up can exponentially build you business as fast as you want.

Free traffic sources can be extremely labor intensive and time consuming, therefore not actually free, when you count the opportunity cost of your time. Let’s have a look at “free” traffic costs and we’ll get to paid ads later.

Do You Know The Formula For Customer Value?

Do you know what every website visitor costs you to acquire? Do you have any idea how much each one of your subscribers are worth to you?

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How To Use Solo Ads To Build Your List

alternativeDo You Use Solo Ads To Build Your List?

Most ‘Free’ traffic methods take some time to develop before they pay off. There are alternative methods that you can use.

‘Paid’ traffic can shorten your build time, and allow you to grow your list exponentially, especially when you find and test the right strategy.

Did you know that advertising in related ezines with Solo Ads can expose you to key targeted traffic, people that are already interested in products and services comparable to what you are promoting?

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How and Why To Build An Email List

List Building Benefits And Strategies.

Even if you’re new to Internet marketing, you’ve heard the same old saying a thousand times. The big money is in online list building.

Building your own list is a legitimate home based business opportunity. It’s a strategy you can’t afford to overlook.

Why it works

Marketing research reveals that most people don’t make a purchase after one exposure to a marketing message. Repeated encounters are a key to generating sales.

In fact it is more inline with the personal sales field and print marketing where seven impressions are made before most sales complete.  With a prospect list you have the chance to share your relevant messages repeatedly with those subscribers.

People are also more likely to buy from those with whom the feel a trusting connection. Email Marketing gives you a chance to develop a relationship with the people on your list. That increases your credibility, producing more sales.

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How To Leverage Content

content-is-kingTransform content into multiple forms and maximize your distribution channels. Doing this will  leverage content so you can build your audience and increase sales faster.

Just about everyone would agree that content is a tremendously important part of online business.

Visitors come to the Internet for information and the best way to provide it is in the form of specificly focused content.

But, as great as it is, did you know that your content is just a caterpillar waiting to blossom into a butterfly? Your creation could be so much more…

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