Benefits Sell Products

making-the-saleBenefits Make Sales… The Value Of Multiple Impressions

Most people need a good reason to say yes. That’s why salespeople sell benefits, because benefits sell products, not features.

People want to hear “what’s in it for them”, how are they going to benefit by exchanging their money, time or effort for your product or service.

Ask any good salesperson and they will tell you that the benefits, along with unique characteristics of the product is what eventually sells it. It is all about WIIFM, or in this case “What’s in it for them…”

People generally don’t buy things they don’t need, but if they do, they need a logical reason to buy if they want the product.

“People are constantly pressured in this consumerist society to buy, buy, buy. At some point, they either become jaded or tune out. When they tune out, it’s the marketer’s responsibility to help them tune back in.

The customer may even be in desperate need of your product, but they may not be aware of it – they are so tuned out. It is your job to slowly bring them back in and educate them about why they need your product.”

Because your customer may not be aware of their need for your product, you will have to give them time to realize it. This is not a fast way to make a sale, but it is a way to convert visitors into customers, eventually.

Repetition is needed. People’s memories and attention spans are short these days.¬†Multiple impressions will incrementally create awareness of what you can do for them. (Perfect if you are using a post card marketing program.)

You want them to be so convinced of your product’s unique qualities and benefits, they will be hard-pressed to go elsewhere for their needs. So, you are not just converting a visitor, but you are also promoting your brand and establishing familiarity and authority with your products.

And don’t be upset if you don’t make a sale right away. You may hit a few customers who have an “eureka” moment when you first start listing your benefits, but mostly people need to hear or read things multiple times for it to have an impact.

Then for others, their needs change, or something can happen in their lives that suddenly shifts their attention back to all those benefits you’ve been listing on your website or products for years.

“Maybe they didn’t think they needed to supplement their diet, but now they are turning older and people around them are getting forgetful. Maybe they are noticing they are more forgetful too. Suddenly, they remember that one of the benefits of Gingko Biloba, a supplement you are selling, listed the benefits of memory enhancement.”

All of a sudden, the product is now more appealing, and you didn’t cause it, you allowed the benefits to incubate in the prospect’s mind until the timing was right for them.

You never know when that eureka moment will happen with the visitors to your website, so you have to keep your copy right there in front of them, listing each product’s unique qualities to help educate them for when the need actually arises in their life.

So remind your prospects and customers on the benefits of your product often, even if they’ve seen the benefit many other times. Repetition is important.

Major brands have realized the importance of repetition long ago. For example, even though Coca Cola has been number one in their market for decades, you still see their ads running everywhere. Same with Pepsi, McDonalds, Subway, etc… I could go on forever. All of the major players realize the value of multiple impressions and consistent promotion.

test-close-salesMany people will need to hear about your product or service over and over again, until they finally ‘see’ a need for it in their lives.

For post card marketing or other print lead generation tools, we usually recommend at least once per month, and sometimes every three weeks for a specific project.

Testing and Analysis tell us that most people have to see your product benefits seven or more times before a sale is made.

Multiple impressions over several different platforms works miracles for your lead generation.

You want to direct your prospect to a specific landing page that will capture your prospect’s email address. That way you can also measure how your marketing program is working for you.

Email your subscribers regularly with useful content, and at the same time, remind them of the benefits of your products, and how that can translate into a better life for them.

The number one goal of your lead generating tool should be to capture your visitors attention with great headlines and specific supporting content. Create enough interest that they will visit your website page and happily give you their email address to get further information.

Then, you can give them even more useful content, and promote your products or services in regular mailings. That translates into life long customers, and increased sales long term. In a nutshell, Never Stop Marketing.

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