Basic Affiliate Marketing Strategy Tips

Basics of An Affiliate Marketing Business

Basic Internet marketing includes owning a website, creating blogs, ezines, email marketing, using proper keyword phrase, etc. to sell your products online.

1. Have your own website
Having your own website is a basic step in Affiliate Marketing. Creating your own website is not necessary at first, but it sure helps these days. There are a number of different sites available free online that you could use to create your website. It may be as simple as setting up a free Blogger or WordPress account. You can set up free pages on My Space, Hub Pages, Wiki Dot, or Wet paint, etc.

Or, you could hire a professional to design your site if you could afford to pay a price. But it will be necessary for you to learn HTML at some point so that you could make changes on your site whenever there is a need.

Sooner or later, you will find that you need a good web hosting service for your growing sites. I use Hostgator for all of my sites.

2. Create a blog
Blogs are one of the most recent and most popular means of Internet marketing today. You could write about your product or services on your blog. You could make use of streaming videos or audios to demonstrate your product online. Blogs set up on Blogger or WordPress are free. You get to advertise about your product without paying a penny and you could also give a back link to your website, which is allowed by most of the blog websites.

3. Advertise
There are two types of Internet advertising – free and paid advertising. You could make use of both depending upon your budget. Paid advertising mostly includes pay per click advertising, classified ads in ezines, banner ads, purchasing hits to your website, etc. free advertising includes forums, blogs, classified ads, link exchanges, article directories, etc. where you promote your products or service to your target customers  and lead them to your site through a link to your webpage.

4. Ezines
You publish your own email newsletter through an ezine, which is called electronic mail or email magazine. Ezines are filled with a lot of product information. This is one of the favorite venues used by Internet marketers for their online business.

There are free services that you can use for this but if you are serious about your business, you really need to get a paid service. I went the free route at first.

When I needed to change over to a paid service, many of the subscribers never opted in again. It is really costly if you have to nuke a list of thousands of subscribers. Better to go with the best on this one.

Build up a mailing list of opt in subscribers to whom you send out your product promotions and sales and latest information about your products or services. Adding your website address in your newsletter gets you more traffic to your sales pages.

Email marketing on other website owners’ ezines can get you access to thousands of people about your online business for a reasonable price. You could advertise a landing page that offers valuable information or freebies in exchange for visitor’s name and email address. Placing a sign up form on every web page you create is also helpful in building your mailing list.

5. Keyword research
Pick out the products you want to promote and then do your keyword research. Do your keyword research before you publish your website online so that you can choose a keyword rich domain name. Good keyword phrases will generate more targeted traffic to your site and therefore higher sales conversions.

A website carefully designed with good colors, chosen keywords, valuable content and good advertising will generate higher traffic and more sales.

High targeted traffic does lead to more sales and profits, but that will be covered in another article. For now, the basic fundamentals will get you going.

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