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How Do I Get Others to Write Content for Me?
By Robert Plank

Not many people are gifted writers; even those with some writing ability are occasionally afflicted with writers block. This presents problems when you intend to get enough content to fill up a paid membership site since you might often get stuck, bored or frustrated.

Here are three simple things that if done, might just solve your problem.

You have to elevate user comments and reviews into full posts. Find a good columnist to write some of the content for you. Generally make sure that your content creation is outsourced in order to provide variety.

Simply looking at user comments is one of the easiest ways I use to create free content for my member ship site. This membership sites have been hosted inside blogs. That trick is make posts and look for good comments or important questions that that may be left by users in the comments section.

These impressive comments I simply copy, paste and credit the person who made the comment in the first place by setting him/her as the author.

This means that I get review posts made by other people free but which will prove useful to the other readers of blog. This should however be done sparingly but if your membership site leaves very good responses’ or insightful comments, think about the benefits of molding that comment into a new entire article.

You should also consider making those people who consistently leave a lot of good comments into columnists. Although many people do not know this one advantage of using WordPress is that it is possible to set access levels for different users hence regular customer can be elevated to “contributors”.

Whenever this contributors wish to make a new post, they submit them to you for approval and editing after which the post become live.

Article writers can also be of great help in a situation when you have exhausted most of the available options for getting content for your site.

However you should only hire an article writer when the customers really like his content otherwise I will advise you to instead make a voice recording of what you want to written and the pay a transcriptionist to create the article for you.

After all Finding people with an ability to talk on the phone isn’t half as hard as getting a good writer!

I often use the above three methods in having my membership site’s content written for me by other people.

Take advantage of a regular writer who leaves many good comments by making him your columnist through WordPress’ higher access levels and outsource your article writing and transcription work.

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