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How Do I Write The Best Articles I Can? By Joe Fuller

Once you get used to writing articles on a regular basis, maybe every day, you begin to think about how you can write the best ones you can for your readers and visitors.

Of course, it’s much better if you’re at least aware of the question before you start writing any articles at all. But usually experience intensifies its pressure on you.

1 By far and away the best way to write articles is to have content which you know readers want to read. It’s no good depending on someone generally surfing the internet happening to come across your article.

You want to target those people who have gone online deliberately looking for a solution to their problem, and the more desperate their need for a solution, the more likely they’ll find your article.

Go to questions and answer sites, blogs, forums, and, most importantly, if you have a email list then ask them.

2 Welcome responses to your articles. This helps you write better articles because people will maybe expand on problems and solutions.

They might ask further questions about the topic which will give you more ideas for your content. Also, by having a personal response yourself to readers and visitors you extend the trust which started to build with the article they read.

Articles, then, are more than about content but about you building your business through trust and relationship.

3 Best articles provide usable solutions or more knowledgeable information about solutions.

That’s why How-to and step by step article formats are popular ones. People already know they have this particular problem and now they want to know how to do something about it.

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