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What’s The Magic Ingredient That All Winners Share?
By Timothy Crawford

I’ve always searched for an edge in my life, something that would give me the blueprints to success.

During my search I’ve found there is no rigidly defined course complete with do’s and don’ts.

The edge also isn’t some sort of miracle pill you take, or some secret password into a fraternity, sorority or group.

The edge, the lift, the “IT” all begins one place; No not in New Jersey! In our Attitudes.

A person’s attitude will either propel them over and through obstacles or it will leave them trapped in a barrel of frustration, deep within the wells of self-defeat and forfeiture.

A person’s attitude is their aptitude.

A person entangled in a negative attitude is beyond sabotaged, they are doomed to unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. Humans are blessed with the ability to make rational and irrational decisions. The same blessing of our thought-processes is also the source of our biggest obstacle.

If you don’t believe me take a second and think about the insect world, Ants in particular. It may seem comical, because it is, but have you ever studied a group of ants moving across the sidewalk carrying crumbs back to their nest?

You’ll see these ants carrying objects twice their weight and four times their size. It’s remarkable! How in the world can a tiny ant carry a piece of bread 4 times its size?

It doesn’t know it can’t.

An ant doesn’t know the odds against him lifting that humungous breadcrumb. An ant doesn’t concern himself with the possibility of failure, he knows only instinct. The ant doesn’t sit up nights sweating, stressing or doubting it. The ant doesn’t need a shot of alcohol to get its nerve up.

The ant sees the crumb, picks it up and starts marching. The ant defies its circumstance. The ant defies physics or our understanding of it anyway. The ant is a natural miracle.

Is it luck that made ants able to lift so much weight over extremely long distances without breaking stride or stopping at Starbucks?

I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in tenacity and good things happening when people ignore the odds and focus on their goals.

How Powerful is Attitude?

I was reading an interview of “The Rock” recently. The Rock is a great example for illustrating the magic of having an empowering attitude towards ones life. Many people see celebrities and other successful people with an eschewed view of how great things are accomplished.

People tend to believe successful people are born with a clear path to success, but as in “The Rock’s” life before stardom, and in so many other stories of successful people, you’ll find that adversity, disappointment, set-back and derailments are very common.

Dewayne Johnson a.k.a. “The Rock” wasn’t necessarily dreaming of becoming a World-Class Wrestler or even an Entertainer. In fact, “The Rock” had a totally different dream. His dream was to become a professional football player.

Blessed with athletic ability, he wanted to harness his physical strength, endurance and mobility and utilize it playing in the National Football League.

What happened? Life Happened! Mr. Johnson suffering 3-ruptured discs in his back happened. It took “The Rock” 3-ruptured discs to realign his goals and aspirations of becoming a pro player.

Now, pull closer, this is where “The Rock” becomes a real celebrity in my book. This is the part where greatness comes into play. Are you listening?

The Rock didn’t quit dreaming, or working, or searching how to fulfill his life, instead he set new goals. He charted new paths. He believed in the possibility of success in his life. In short, “The Rock”, armed himself with an attitude of belief and with aspiration he forged into his future with intensity, optimism and joy.

Of course he was disappointed, who wouldn’t be, but at some point he made a decision not to “Stay” disappointed. Attitude and Belief. “The Rock” had it, has it and uses it!

Dewayne Johnson never reached his goal of playing in the NFL, however he went onto become one of the most exciting pro wrestlers in World Wrestling history.

“The Rock” has starred in movies, and for all of you out there here’s some more information about the Rock you might not know, The Rock’s film, “The Scorpion King”; earned him a cool 5 million breaking all previous records for the most money paid to a first time leading-role actor in a major motion picture.

Who would have thought a guy with 3-ruptured disc, a football dream down the tubes and all the reasons in the world to give up would become so super-successful? Do you see the power of Rock’s attitude? Do you see the power of your own attitude?

Your Greatness Starts Here

Today begin to realize that the only true limits we have on our lives are our ATTITUDES about OURSELVES. Be good to yourself. Encourage yourself. Feed your mind positive reinforcement.

Tim’s Positive Reinforcement Quick Action Plan:

1. Run out and buy a book that inspires you.
2. Start that exercise program that you’ve been putting off.
3. Phone that loved one that you had a falling out with 3 months ago. Mend those fences!
4. Do one thing that moves you to your goals, then work your way up to doing one thing a week.

You’re worth the effort. You’d be surprised how far you can go. Begin to strengthen your positive attitude towards YOURSELF. Accept that regardless to your present condition, situation or background that what you’ve done up to this point is just that; what you’ve done!

Done is past tense. Done is a description of your past. Any of your past setbacks, stumbles or downturns do not define you. You define you! You are what you think you are.

Change your attitude and change your aptitude. To change your attitude from negative to positive you must first start within your heart. Too many people make external changes overlooking the internal.

The magic ingredient to personal success is ATTITUDE and an empowering attitude begins one place; in the heart.

Timothy Crawford is DC, MD and VA’s Top Up and Coming Motivational Speaker.

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