Affirmations Can Lead To Health And Empowering Habits

Overcoming Bad Habits With Positive Affirmations

Depending on how they are phrased, affirmations can create good or bad habits.

You may start out with affirmations that relate to some grand goals, such as a better career, or a more peaceful life, but don’t forget that affirmations can be applied to any area of your life.

They can be used to help control your weight, to quit smoking, to cut back on the booze, or to stop biting your fingernails. You may be looking to gain better health in some area.


Healthy thoughts repeated often enough will become part of you and begin to affect your daily actions.

Do you want to reverse some disease that is disempowering you such as coronary heart disease, maybe prevent cancer from invading your body, or just feel better every day? Then affirmations for you to improve your diet can work for you.

You name the negative habit that you want to reverse, and a positive affirmation can be phrased to deal with it. Constant repetition ingrains the new habit to replace the old.

Positive affirmations have an effect way beyond the result named in the affirmation. As your life gradually improves, you will feel a sense of growing confidence, whether or not you have ever phrased an affirmation regarding a boost in your confidence levels.

This is the natural consequence of personal achievement. Your outlook on life changes and your self-image is transformed. You create a virtuous circle where a vicious one may have existed before.

Again, this will be a side-effect of positive affirmations even when you have not phrased one that relates directly to your health.

Negative emotions are draining on the psyche, and this can have a debilitating effect on your physical well-being.

Negativity causes you to feel lethargic, and can cause genuine physical illness.

Where positive affirmations can make you feel at ease, negative thoughts and habits cause you dis-ease.

You will have heard the phrase “sick with worry”.

It is entirely possible to make yourself ill through stressful thoughts. Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly affected by mental factors such as stress and anxiety.

Psoriasis, eczema, stomach ulcers, IBS, high blood pressure, and heart disease, for example, are all aggravated by negative thoughts. In fact, there is a mental aspect to every physical disease in how we react to it and cope with it.

Not only do we have to attend to the physical solutions, we have to think differently about reverse the past actions that brought about the present situation.


Positive affirmations have been used to improve one’s health and well being:

  • Your mindset is healthier overall with a positive mental attitude thus strengthening your immune system
  • A strong immune systems may help speed recovery when ill
  • A specific affirmation can be phrased to help augment your health, and perhaps reverse illness

Positive affirmations create better relationships, as other people instinctively respond better to positive vibes and success. This can affect every type of relationship in your life – with your partner, your kids, your relatives, friends, acquaintances, strangers, work colleagues, and your boss.

Again, this is an area that will naturally improve as your affirmations take effect, even if they have not been targeted at your relationships. You are far more likely to be successful if you create a more attractive aura for yourself through positive affirmations.

This is the foundational truth that underpins positive affirmations and positive thinking generally. This is the concept that must be accepted if you are to truly embrace the possibility that positive affirmations can improve your life and bring success.

The easiest way to verify this statement is to simply look around you right now.

Apart from Nature, everything you can see started life as a thought in the mind of a human being. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the street you drive along, the house you live in, the TV you watch, the books you read, the computer you work at, the chair you sit in, the company you work for, it took a thought to bring them about.

Everything started out as an idea in mind.

This statement should really make you think. The power of your mind to invent and achieve is practically limitless. More on Positive Affirmations coming . . .