Affiliate Marketing, PLR And Resell Rights Explained

PLR and Resell Rights Products – How Are They Different?

How to make money online is one of the hottest and most lucrative markets today. Everyone wants to try it.

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular, as it is the easiest way to start businesses online with virtually no, or low investment.

It can be made much more profitable through the use of private label rights or PLR, and resell rights products, as customer bonuses, or propspect lead generators.

A lot of people actually mistake PLR and RR products as one and the same.

They are both information products that touch on all manner of topics such as website traffic generation, website building, email marketing, article marketing, affiliate marketing and other IM fields.

They may even be distributed through the same PLR or resell rights membership sites. And ultimately, they could be used for just about any home or small business endeavor.

Despite their similarities, they each have distinct unique characteristics.

Resell Rights Products

These information products come with specs such as:

  • you can resell them to other people and you will get the 100% profits of the sale even though you did not create the product originally
  • you are not allowed to modify any part of the products in accordance to the license terms of the product
  • you can sell them, you cannot claim them as your own, nor put your name on any of the products
  • they sometimes come as master resell rights products, which enable you to resell both the products, and the rights that come with them.

PLR Products

These information products have these characteristics:

  • you take full ownership without having to create the product and you can put your name on it
  • you can alter the products in any way you like and package them differently
  • the editing for these products may include one or more of the following: changing or adding words, chapters, graphics, bonuses, tools and any other feature you would like to include in the products

The rights you purchase will be explained in a document included with each particular package. When you decide to invest in PLR or RR products or both, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Quality and Value of the Product Offered
  • Credibility of the Main Creator, and whether you can move it of course
  • Appeal of the Product in terms that it satisfies a hungry market
  • Is it ‘Tightly Focused’ on a particular specific niche?

In searching for the right products, check out the many PLR or resell rights membership sites available. What you need to do is compare packages, prices and again, the credibility of the site. The bigger the site, the more products might be offered.

Keep these simple suggestions in mind when making your decision. If you want to learn more about Resell Rights And PLR products, check out: Profit From Resell Rights Products and join for free. The ongoing business training in the RRW Gold Membership is worth the price of admission alone if you upgrade.