7 Steps To Eliminate Bad Habits

Many people go through difficult times that can lead them to go astray in trying to cope. They give in to vices and substance abuse that affect their physical, mental and emotional health in the long run. Bad habits develop as they repeat these vices over time.

Some start by drinking some liquor and then develop until they are hardly ever sober. Others will try a cigarette and continue until they consume several packs in a day. Still others make everyday things like food part of their coping mechanism and will not or cannot stop the bad habit they developed even when the original crisis is over.

Some of us can definitely relate to this kind of situation. Sometimes, difficult life trials really make you vulnerable to developing bad habits.

Bad habits can seriously stunt your growth as a person. Analyze your daily actions. Are they empowering you? Eliminate the poor habits that are holding you back.

Here are some effective ways to eliminate bad habits for 2016-17 and beyond.

1. Start Now
The biggest challenge stopping your bad habits is making the decision to start clean and healthy living. Decide and commit today to making a change. Resolve to kick the bad habit.

2. Look at the Negative Effects of Your Bad Habit
Most people who deal with bad habits are actually aware of the negative consequences of their addiction or abuse. It helps to know the reality of the negative side effects of your bad habit rather than just knowing the facts.

Seeing the effects for real can create a different and usually deeper impact. Remind yourself of these whenever you feel the temptation to relapse.

3. Know the Good Effects of Change
You also have to motivate yourself constantly to hold on to your goal. Eliminating bad habits is not an overnight activity, which is why you have to commit to this mission until you achieve it.

Knowing the positive effects of a good change will definitely help. Just think of the more harmonious relationship you can engender with your family and friends once you are not anymore a slave to your vices. Internalize the benefits.

4. Come Up with New Habits or Routines
Relapses are an inherent danger in trying to quit a bad habit. Sometimes the temptation is too strong and can be very difficult to deny. This is why it is important to come up with lots of healthier options when it comes to activities to keep yourself busy.

For example, you can explore hobbies such as pottery, painting or planting so you can be busy and creative at the same time. Engaging into sports will also help. This is also a good opportunity to enjoy time with friends. Good habits can take the place of the bad habit for a healthier and happier you.

5. Consult a Professional Regularly
Professional aid can help in eliminating bad habits. They can look at your specific needs and address your issues accordingly. Regular consultation will also help in keeping you in check.

6. Accept Support from People Who Care
Inform your family and friends you are making the big change. Announce that you are ridding yourself of your bad habits or vices so that they can also support you and help you along the way.

7. Give Yourself a Good Reward
Monitor your progress. See how well you are improving or how much more you still have to push yourself and then give yourself a reward. The most important thing is motivating yourself through a reward for every milestone you achieve.

Rewards will definitely motivate you to meet the goal. It may be enough to give yourself simple things like your favorite chocolate or a trip to the spa. This will make you feel even better about yourself because of the achievement it represents. As long as the reward is commensurate with the size of the win, celebrate it heartily.

All in all, you might want to eliminate your bad habits before they become bad addictions and abuses. Consider the above effective steps to break your bad habits now before they escalate to real problems.

These steps may not give overnight results, yet starting them now will take you that much closer to improving your life sooner.


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