4 Strategies For Building Back Links To Your Home Business Website

Back links are like pathways leading targeted traffic back to your home business website and they are held in high regard by the major search engines online.

In fact, back links are so well respected by the search engines that they are a necessary component for getting highly ranked on the web.

The more of these connections you’ve built leading back to your home page the easier it is to secure your position within the search engines and influence search results so that your website is considered relevant online.

So as you can see building an expansive system of these links to your website is a strategy which is vital to your home business success and here are five of the best methods to employ to create this back link network.

1. Article writing can be a very effective way to create links back to your website. Write an article on a regular basis, the more often the better, related to your website or home business theme and post it to the major article directories online.

In your biography box leave a link back to your website so if people enjoy your writing they can check out more of your work as well as your products on your website.

2. Blogging is still very popular online and can be a very effective Internet marketing strategy for driving traffic to your website and your home business opportunities.

Visiting other Internet marketer’s blogs and leaving comments with your link attached to your signature is another effective back linking strategy.

Look for blogs that advertise a “do follow” message which are the only kind of links recognized by the search engines and add your message and your link.

Be sure to leave a thoughtful and relevant comment which will be approved by the blog’s administrator and leave your link in an anchor text HTML format.

Follow the same procedure for each blog you visit and you will increase your network of back links very quickly.

3. Directory submission is another effective tactic for building back links to your website. However you must be careful not to add too many too soon.

If the search engines suddenly see a back log of irrelevant directory links to your website you may get penalized by losing your current ranking within that particular engine.

The best approach is to go slowly and create a normal pattern of relevant links within relevant categories to your home business page by using targeted keywords in your title and your message.

When starting out focus on submitting to approximately 100 directories instead of mass submitting using software available on the web which is sure to get your website flagged and penalized by the major search engines.

4. A feeder site back-link strategy may be the fastest way to build a network of quality connections to your home page.

The two biggest benefits of using this technique are you can literally create an immense back-link network within a matter of a few days by building a system of feeder sites and landing pages, and secondly these websites are some of the highest authority sites on the web.

For example, squidoo is an authority site in the eyes of Google and each time you create a lens you can rank for specific keywords within the page’s title and content.

This can also be a very effective traffic generation technique for your website.

Building an expansive back-link network on the web can be, in the beginning, a daunting and, at times, a tedious task but is a necessary strategy for your home based business online success.

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