3 Tips For Breaking Bad habits And Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Clarity Association, And Reinforcement, Three Critical Tips To Achieving Your Fitness Goals

A brief teaser from the article:

“You have probably heard that it takes at least three weeks to change an old habit and create a new one.

True, but from my many, several, numerous good and not-so-good experiences, 21 days is generally not enough. Too many distractions. Too many obstacles. Too many external factors that derail us.

Stop at three weeks if you are certain your automatic thoughts have merged into new behaviours. If you struggle for even a second, however, don’t abandon your routine.” Read more…

Three Tips to Break Bad Habits | Life In The Groove at 50 and Beyond…

Relying on willpower is usually a dead end. Here are the three tips I mentioned to support your efforts.

It’s never too late to make important changes.

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